Fun Workouts For Your Post-Quarantine Dream Bod


We all hoped that quarantine would only last a couple weeks at most, but though things have been looking up, we are not out of the woods yet. Though it may seem like quarantine is easier spent leaning back, relaxing, and packing on some pounds, quarantine could also be an opportunity for you to get in shape. Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, try these fun workouts with your pandemic partner, or at a safe distance with friends!

  1. Dance Workouts

Dancing is a great way to workout without feeling like you’re working out. Some of the best ways to tone your legs is by dishing out some killer moves.

One way you can do dance workouts at home is with your Wii or Nintendo Switch by doing 30 minutes of Just Dance dances. Released in 2009, Just Dance rose to prominence for its fun graphics and universal appeal. The great thing about Just Dance is there are a multitude of genres and difficulty levels so that you’re bound to find songs you enjoy.

Another fun way to incorporate dancing into your workout is with Youtuber Madfit who has dozens of at-home dance routines on her page. You can do her 15 minute dance workouts to the smash hits of the 90s and the 2000s or her shorter 3-4 minute cardio or ab dance workouts. They are so much fun and bound to make you sweat. You’ll find once you do one song you’ll want to keep on going for more. Madfit isn’t the only Youtuber who’s got great workouts up for you to do. That brings us to #2.



2. Youtube Workouts

The great thing about Youtube workout instructors  versus traditional instructors who lead a live class, is that you can choose whenever you want to do your workouts, and you can do them at your own pace. If you’re feeling a little extra tired, you can take a break to catch your breathe, or if you’re feeling super pumped, you can do more workouts for free.

Furthermore on Youtube you can find exactly what works for you. Madfit offers more then just dance workouts. She has HIIT style workouts, yoga,  body sculpting circuits, and cardio-based workouts, but she’s just one of many fitness gurus.

Some of the most popular fitness gurus are Blogilates, Chloe Ting (pictured), or even model Alexis Ren, who’s 10 minute ab workout video has racked up 32 million views. With Youtube you’ll find you can pick and choose what types of workouts you resonate with and have the most fun doing.


3. Spikeball

Last but certainly not least on our list is Spikeball. Spikeball was founded in 2008 and quickly rose in popularity due to how fun it was along with its simplicity and convenience.

One of the best things about this game is it is super easy to transport and you can play it anywhere, whether its on the beach, in front of your house, or on the grass. The game centers around a net where 4 players divide into teams of two to score on the other team. Scoring is done when the other team cannot return the ball to the net for the other team to return. The list of rules can be found online, and its super easy to learn. You can play it anywhere and all you need is 3 other people. Even if you have an odd man out, the game is exciting just to watch.

Remember, if you have to push yourself to do the workout, there might be a better option for you out there. Try and switch it up to these types of workouts to keep a healthy heart, mind, and body!


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