4 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

4 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can be a big inconvenience, as it comes between socializing and even working duties. Right now, there’s a lot of unease roaming social media and the newsrooms, so anxiety is at an all-time high. Despite anxiety not being curable, there are ways to better manage it.

Anxietycentre.com believes that across-the-board 18.1% of adults in the U.S (United States of America) suffer from an anxiety disorder, about 40 million of those adults range from ages 18 to 54.

A shocking estimate shows that there may be a greater percentage of people who don’t report their issues with anxiety, “approximately 30 percent – as many people don’t seek help, are misdiagnosed, or don’t know [they have anxiety],” said Anxiety Centre on their Anxiety Disorder Statistics and Facts article.

An imperative thing to comprehend is the difference between anxiety and stress. Both are dissimilar and though there may be some commonalities, they are NOT THE SAME.

Breathing Techniques

Amazingly, there are simple things like breathing techniques that may help. Such as:

Each of the breathing techniques listed above has its own respective perks for different scenarios where they may be of inquiry. Relaxation breathing techniques can send positive messages to the brain to tranquilize and ease.

Mental health walks

Walking can stimulate blood flow and can help boost moods by clearing the mind, being exposed to natural light and green spaces can bring so much clarity to one’s day. In addition, an exercise can be done. Staying inside a room with four walls can feel like a literal entrapment, so motivating yourself to go outside will not necessarily cure anxiety but will push for a life-changing healthy habit to seek connection from the outside world.

Make “Me!” days a thing

Whether it’s a skincare routine, a night of eating all one’s favorite food, or making a watercolor painting to ooze the mind- anything and everything is pretty much valid. Making time out of a week to dedicate a whole day to ourselves can be rewarding and revitalizing. Reminding yourself of the good things in life can fortify your internal relationship.

Consider Therapy

There are many horror stories of people having bad experiences with therapists, and yes…Their concerns, as well as opinions about therapy, are justifiable. Just like how therapy isn’t for everyone, not-not doing therapy isn’t for everyone either. Some individuals thrive from receiving therapy.

Therapy can uncover the root causes of trauma, concerns, or phobias that have been causing anxiety. Curing anxiety is not exactly the promise when it comes to agreeing to therapy but learning how to better cope with anxiety can lead to living a more fruitful life.

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