Should Women Try Bulking?

Should Women Try Bulking?

Bulking is eating on a calorie surplus diet, and it’s most common among men, specifically bodybuilders. Whilst the practice of bulking is not forbidden to women, it is atypical for women to join. A question prompts up: “Should Women Try Bulking?”

Male fitness enthusiasts usually dedicate 4 to 6 months to their muscle gaining season. Some men purposely gain the weight to look more brawny- the main reason they bulk.

There’s a difference in Bulking for Women and Men

Women and Men are biologically, physically, and emotionally disparate. So, when it comes to bulking which involves appetite and calorie intake, it is going to differentiate for both sexes.

Generally, the systems of the human body have functions that trigger the muscle to expand. Yet, women- according to scientists -build muscle growth distinctively. Factoring in things like hormones and muscle fiber types that affect their process. Therefore, knowing the variance between both allows each sex to grow muscle more effectively, in obedience to scientific research.

Concerning bulking for women, biology and biochemistry are vastly fundamental to training, nutrition, and timing, which are all collectively part of the process.

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“Will it change my body drastically?”

Yes, bulking is going to change the appearance of the body. Many women with first-hand experiences with bulking have said there are pros and cons that come with putting on bulk.

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There’s no need to fret about bulking though. Because cutting away foods and fat to restore the body to a preferential state is always going to be available,

It’s a Personal Choice.

Naturally, this practice may lead a woman to look heftier. Unfortunately for them, being sturdy has social connotations that are directly analogous to masculinity. Society views being muscular as homologous to being a man. It may be hard for women to be okay with the way they may look or feel after bulking, because of the social construct identity many women grew up with being taken away: Being slim and willowy is “feminine.” Each of the women who want to do this grueling process should determine if they care how they look during that phase. Hence, women should look into bulking and then decide if it’s for them.

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