The WORST Meals For A First Date

couple sitting at a table eating.

The WORST Meals For A First Date

Ladies, first dates may be frightening, if not terrifying! Feeling worried about what to say and how to say it, about the awkwardness, and about whether or not your date will like you, is completely normal. Among all of the concerns regarding first dates, many women have indicated that eating in front of their prospective dating partners is one of their biggest worries. Though being self-conscious and thinking too hard on your date is practically inevitable, there are some meals to AVOID to help decrease that anxiety.


Ribs, it goes without saying, are MESSY. Not only might ribs ruin your handpicked attire, but you’ll need just about a million napkins to avoid barbecue-soiled fingertips. It’s a known fact that this meal is just absolutely mouthwatering, but how about let’s just save it for the family cookout and not when you’re trying to find your knight in shining armor.


One slurp and boom you have tomato sauce on your dress, your face, and in your eye! Dress splotched, makeup messed, and eye on fire, what about the rest of the date? You guessed it, RUINED. Doesn’t sound too attractive and flattering huh? This disaster-prone meal is a big NO-NO!


Now I know the girls love seafood but we have to save seafood just for a girls’ night out. Too much hard work goes into cracking and ripping apart the poor creature to get that long-awaited delicious meat. My mouth is just watering thinking about it, but NO!! Also, seafood is typically the most expensive meal on the menu. We don’t want to make our partner’s pockets hurt….just yet.

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