The Most Delicious Lamb

The Most Delicious Lamb

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About Lamb

      Lamb is named the meat of a sheep or ram up to 1-year-old. To get a very delicate milky taste, lambs are slaughtered at the age of three months and earlier.

     Lamb and mutton, unlike pork and beef, aren’t prohibited by any religion – with the exception of these that prescribe to adherents an entire rejection of meat vegetarianism.

      Lamb may be a valuable foodstuff. In terms of protein content, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It’s not inferior to beef and even exceeds it in terms of calories. In lamb, the cholesterol content is several times less than in beef and pork. This meat may be a good source of zinc, which is vital for the system and normal cellular division. Zinc helps to normalize blood glucose levels. 400 g of lamb contains 38.3% of the daily value of zinc. Meat is rich in vitamin B12, which is involved in the formation of red blood cells and is important for the prevention of anemia.

How To Cook

      Lamb meat can be fried, stewed, baked, grilled, and boiled. There are a lot of cooking recipes from traditional to exotic. The best way to preserve the natural flavor of lamb is to quickly sear it in a pan or grill it. The taste of lamb is well complemented by sweet and sour sauce or tkemali. Lamb meat is very tender, so it is best to take milk, cream, or yogurt with spices and salt for the marinade. A delicate taste will be acquired by meat baked with rosemary, garlic, and lemon. Ginger and basil give the lamb a rich taste.

     More simple, but no less tasty will be meat stewed in wine with vegetables. Lamb can be stewed with prunes or dried apricots. The taste of meat is emphasized by pomegranate seeds.

    Pieces of meat can be fried in breadcrumbs or in batter. Lamb can be used as a filling for pies. This meat goes well with vegetables. Lamb is served with asparagus, eggplant, and tomatoes is the best choice. In North Africa, lamb is cooked with couscous.

      Juicy cutlets and meatballs are prepared from minced lambs.

How To Choose Fresh Lamb And Store

     Good lamb is firm and elastic to the touch, its meat is pale pink, and its fat is white. If the fat has a certain yellowness and friability, then this is the meat of an old ram or sheep. Likewise, the bright, purplish-red meat is that of a ram that is about two years old. A mature and old ram has sinewy meat. The denser the meat, the older the animal. The most tender, dietary meat is dairy lamb.

   To improve the taste of meat and its consistency, the slaughtered lamb is usually kept in a suspended state for 2–3 days in a cool room at a temperature of 0–4 ° C, relative humidity of about 90%. And only then it is butchered. 

      Defrosted lamb can be identified by the loss of elasticity. The dimples may not even out when pressed, and the surface becomes bright red. Re-frozen mutton significantly loses its taste and nutritional qualities.

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