NYC Black-Owned Restaurants To Check Out

black woman eating food.

NYC Black-Owned Restaurants To Check Out

With Black History Month quickly reaching the halfway point, it’s important to get involved with the festivities. One beneficial way to support the black community is by eating at black-owned restaurants. Here are 3 black-owned NYC restaurants to check out!


a plate of red velvet pancakes and fried chicken.
Courtesy to Chocolat Harlem

Chocolat is a popular restaurant located in Harlem. Anthony Williamson, the Executive Chef, prepares a delectable yet inexpensive meal that is beautifully executed by Chef de Cuisine Edson Rendon. Just imagine having Red Velvet Pancakes after a long day of work. Chocolat Restaurant & Bar is ideally located and serves breakfast, lunch, supper, and happy hour. Click here to support their “Chocolat Harlem Community Relief Fund”


a plate of food from Massawa
Courtesy to FourSquare

Massawa is one of the very first Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurants in the U.S. They are well known for their delicious vegan and vegetarian food, but they also serve fish, beef, lamb, chicken, and shrimp. If you are looking for natural, fresh, high-quality exotic dishes, this is the restaurant for you to check out!

Minton’s Playhouse

A photo of customers enjoying their time at Minton's Playhouse. Bartender poring a glass of wine.
Courtesy to The New York Times

Minton’s was the birthplace of bebop; in fact, it is the venue where the roots of contemporary jazz were laid. Minton’s Playhouse, founded in 1938 by saxophonist Henry Minton, became the epicenter of a jazz revolution during the next decade. The jazz-infused restaurant, filled with history, has food, cocktails, wine, beer, and live music. This is definitely a place to put on your NYC bucket list!

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