Jennifer Fisher Kitchen

Jennifer Fisher Kitchen

Who is Jennifer Fisher?

You may know Jennifer Fisher by her luxurious jewelry brand, but did you know she is also a wizard in the kitchen? Not only does Fisher have her own jewelry line, but she also has her own kitchen line. Her kitchen line consists of special salts that she created and many inventive recipes.

Fisher started her career in fashion as a wardrobe stylist and eventually transitioned to designing jewelry. She had a love of designing jewelry since she was a child and grew her love into a business. She became passionate about cooking when the pandemic forced her to stay at home rather than be out for work. Fisher maintains a clean, anti inflammatory diet due to her hypoactive thyroid and the tumor in her chest. She listens to her body instead of following a strict diet and cooks what makes her feel better. You can find more about her story, her jewelry products, her special salts, and her recipes all on

Jennifer Fisher Salts

Jennifer Fisher’s Custom Salts,

Her custom blended salts come in three different flavors: universal salt, spicy salt, and curry salt. Fisher was frustrated by the limited choices in specialty stores for a finishing universal herb salt not containing onion or garlic to season her food. This inspired her to make her own, and the first JF Universial Salt was born. Her original universial salt contains kosher salt, black pepper, dill weed, dried cilantro, red chili pepper flakes, lemon zest. With one sprinkle, they instantly elevate any food or dish.

Personally, I like to use her spicy salt on most things I eat such as eggs, avocado, seasoning for meat or fish, potatoes, breakfast burritos, and more. They come in different sized packaging, so I usually keep the smaller container in my bag for whenever I need to add some flavor to my food on the go. Each salt costs $12 separately and all of them together cost $30.

Jennifer Fisher’s Recipes

Rainbow Fish Recipe (white cod topped with vibrant pickled veggies on top of mashed avocado)

As mentioned previously, Fisher sticks to anti inflammatory foods to avoid irritating her chest tumor and hypoactive thyroid. Her recipes favor fruits and vegetables, foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains, lean protein, healthful fats, and spices. She includes recipes on her website with processed foods, red meats, and alcohol, but these aren’t part of her regular diet. She finds inventive ways to create classic favorites with a healthy twist. For example, she found a way to make rich 7 layer bars completely vegan and sugar free. She manages to do this by swapping out butter for coconut oil, sugar for maple syrup, and using vegan chocolate chips.

Basic Late Night Kelp Noodles

Another one of her most popular recipes is her “Basic Late Night Noodles” which consists of a vegan curry sauce with kelp noodles. Kelp noodles may sounds strange, but they eliminate carbs from regular noodles which is consistent with an anti inflammatory diet. Her kitchen line has an instagram page with video walkthroughs of all of her recipes. From weeknight basics to creative new dishes, Jennifer Fisher’s recipes are a must try for all foodies.

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