Sculpt Society Founder Megan Roup Revolutionizing Home Workouts

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Sculpt Society Founder Megan Roup Revolutionizing Home Workouts


By Caitlyn Garrity/ January 13th

Since March, most gyms and fitness classes are closed down and left fitness junkies to find ways to release endorphins elsewhere. Fitness influencer Megan Roup and her app The Sculpt Society have created a platform for creative and unique workouts to relieve the stress of a home workout plan.

A little background on Megan Roup

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Roup is from Santa Barbara, CA, and currently calls New York her home. She graduated from New York University, where she participated in the Tisch dance program. After NYU, Roup became a Brooklynette for the Brooklyn Nets. Although she enjoyed dancing, she really found her passion for teaching dance and fitness classes. She told Veronica Beard, “I got to a place where I was at peace with my professional dance career and was ready to make a switch and devote more time to fitness.” That is when The Sculpt Society was created.

What is Megan Roup’s ‘The Sculpt Society’?

The app launched in 2017 and it is a workout app that focuses on sculpt and dance cardio. The workouts on the app range from 5 to 50 minutes and range in difficulty levels as well. According to The Sculpt Society’s website, Roup said, “I created The Sculpt Society after my own struggle to find a fitness method that would help me reach my goals and still be fun.”

The app uses different workouts that feature high energy and unique motions to give users a fun workout that differs each day. Celebrities like model Elsa Hosk use and praise The Sculpt Society for the energetic and intense workouts it provides. The Sculpt Society offers a free 14-day trial and two different options for subscriptions.

What makes ‘The Sculpt Society’ different from other workout apps?

The dance element of the workouts on The Sculpt Society curates a high-energy and ever-changing fitness experience to users. Aside from choosing among select options for workouts, Roup and her team create new workouts every day that fit any fitness level. Not only does Roup create her own workouts for the app, but there are other instructors to choose from. You have the option to choose workouts with or without weights, depending on what you have available at home. There are many ways to customize your workout to fit your surroundings and your fitness goals. With The Sculpt Society, there are a variety of workouts to fit any mood or goal of yours. Roup’s app allows those who might struggle to come up with ways to keep working out at home fun to continue to move their bodies in healthy ways.

Considering the current pandemic and different states having varying regulations, working out has been put on the back burner for many. Some people find comfort and routine in going to the gym and getting a workout through heavy weights and machines. During quarantine and lockdowns, motivation to workout can be low if someone does not know where to start. The Sculpt Society and Roup show people that working out at home does not need to be boring or less effective. It can actually be super fun. With blasting music, positive affirmations and professionally choreographed dances, The Sculpt Society allows everyday people to feel like a dancer while getting in a good sweat.

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Photo via @meganroup on Instagram

On Roup’s Instagram, she previews workouts she instructs from her app and shares adorable content of her and her husband. Just Tuesday Roup announced via her Instagram that she and her husband, Morgan, are expecting a baby. So while Roup might need to take a break from jumping and burpees, her team on the Sculpt Society will surely continue to craft pleasurable workout videos for their users. Who knows, maybe in the future, The Sculpt Society might feature a special mini guest during their dance cardio workouts.


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