Summer Films & Vacation Must-Watches

Summer Films & Vacation Must-Watches

With hot weather, ice-cold drinks, and warm sand under one’s feet inching its way into view, what better way to begin vacation than with summer films waiting to be watched. There are a collection of anticipated movies making its way into theaters this summer. Such films include the highly popular Barbie and it’s also competing premiere mate Oppenheimer. From Nolan to Gerwig and even the occasional Guillermo del Toro, this summer is about relaxing, rewatching, and anticipating what cinema has to offer next.

The Most Anticipated Summer Films

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The line-up for theater’s this summer carries multiple films that have been on people’s radar since its initial announcement. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie officially hits theaters July 21, 2023 after months of excitement regarding the childhood real-life remake. Featuring acclaimed stars such as Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the film has already garnered a following that will likely lead lines out the door on premiere day. For those not into all things pink, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer also hits theaters the same day. Discussing the Manhattan Project and the creation of the atomic bomb, the movie is definitely going to leave minds in a whirlwind of curiosity. 

However, while Barbie and Oppenheimer have been the most discussed, the list doesn’t end there. Some other movies featured in the line-up also include the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. Hitting theaters June 2, 2023, Marvel fans are bound to be captivated by the comic adventures of Miles Morales. Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy 3 also premieres this Friday and critics are already naming it just as moving as Avengers: Endgame. Disney fans can also expect a busy box office for the live action The Little Mermaid. However, If you’re into coming-of-age romantic comedies then No Hard Feelings featuring Jennifer Lawrence is up your alley this summer. From comedy and adventure to horror and animation, this summer has a jam-packed arrangement not to be missed. 

Movies To Keep In Mind While At Home  

  • Call Me By Your Name, 2017
  • Charlie’s Angels, 2000
  • Mamma Mia, 2008
  • Adventureland, 2009
  • Hot Summers Night, 2017
  • In The Heights, 2021
  • Palm Springs, 2020
  • Booksmart, 2019
  • Don’t Worry Darling, 2022
  • It, 2017
  • The Quiet Girl, 2022
  • Dope, 2015
  • The Spectacular Now, 2013
  • Coda, 2021
  • Almost Famous, 2000
  • The Fablemans, 2022

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