Scream VI and Why It’s Surpassed Its Franchise

Scream VI and Why It’s Surpassed Its Franchise

The Scream film franchise released its latest project, Scream VI, March 10th and has received critical acclaim since. With the success of its 2022 predecessor, Paramount Pictures greenlit the project early 2022 and since then fans had been patiently waiting for what the sixth film could possibly feature. The slasher franchise’s newest addition featured a new array of actors, some repeated cast members, and a killer plotline. The sheer success Scream VI had both on and off screen was overwhelming. While it’s hard to compare any of the films to the impact the first Scream had, it’s safe to say that Scream VI might have just outdone the original.

The Many Scream Movies From Before

Image via Scream dir. Wes Craven

Before it became a franchise, the 1996 horror film Scream quickly became a cult classic. The film was immediately well received by both critics and the public. Scream was a witty and successful slasher film that stepped outside the norms of misogynistic horror movies. Directed by the same man that created Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven delivered a nuanced take on the slasher subsect full of surprises, comedy, and mystery. 

However, because the first film turned out so successful, the latter slate of Scream movies couldn’t live up to the original. Unfortunately, the trilogy to follow failed to continue what the first had set up. It slipped back into the cliches of horror cinema and lacked a successful means of closing the franchise. Nonetheless, it was only eleven years later that the slasher slate was able to redeem itself with another installation. 

What Makes Scream VI So Special? 

Maybe it was the wildly out there advertisements that included a Ghostface prank call. Or maybe it was how well it ingrained the audience into the action of seeing the movie. What is clear is that Scream VI was entertaining, suspenseful, and has that untapped wittiness filling the franchise with potential. Ghostface comes back stronger and more deranged with this New York based installation. The film is brutal, fun, and does well to not recycle past slasher ideas. Even the cast ensemble is iconic, featuring Courtney Cox, Jenna Ortega, and new actors, like Mason Gooding. Scream VI ups the horror without sacrificing its comedy and its why this new addition is bigger and better than ever. 

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