Swarm Trailer – Donald Glover’s New Show Releases Anticipated Teaser

Swarm Trailer – Donald Glover’s New Show Releases Anticipated Teaser

In anticipation of the fast approaching release of the show Swarm, new trailers released via the shows twitter. The Swarm trailer teases new music from chill pop artist Ni’Jah with singer Kirby who has thunderous and harmonic vocals, all the while featuring the long awaited return of Childish Gambino.

The song’s Title is called “Sticky” and is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music this Friday March 17, 2023. Notably Childish Gambino hasn’t appeared on any music since “I Love you More Than You Know” By bLAck pARty back in 2022.


The highly anticipated TV series, “Swarm” premiered the first two episodes at SXSW last week. The show will be releasing this Friday March 17, 2023 on Amazon Prime. Swarm is a thrilling horror satire about a homicidal overly obsessed fan named Dre.

The show begins in 2016 when Dre maxes out her credit card to buy concert tickets for her and her best friend Marissa. Marissa becomes upset with Dre’s childish antics and ways and the show just keeps descending from there.

Co-creating the show with Donald Glover is Janine Nabers, who notably worked together on FX Networks’ “Atlanta”. The two reportedly began writing Swarm during the pandemic back in 2019. In congruence with writing, Donald Glover is also the Director of the show.

Interplaying music and television goes beyond just a soundtrack. Based on the accompanying tweet about this teaser, there should be a full EP released alongside the show.

In an interview with Indiewire at the SXSW premiere Nabers said “The show is propulsive”. Nabers continues to say, “Viewers will either love it or hate it”. Another exciting detail mentioned by Nabers is that. “Every episode deals with real news stories, real events, or internet rumors that have happened, and we have put our wonderful women in the center of those stories,”

Sticky used in another Swarm trailer from Amazon Prime, which is available to watch below.

All Images Via: Swarm Twitter and Prime Video’s YouTube

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