Oscars 2023: Our Favorite Looks of The Red Carpet

Oscars 2023: Our Favorite Looks of The Red Carpet

The 95th Oscars award ceremony occurred on Sunday, March 12th. With some of the most popular movies taking home some of the most awards– including “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, which won seven awards– some of today’s hottest celebrities showed up and showed out on the red carpet. (The Oscars’ red carpet has always delivered some of the best looks of the year, though, so it’s no surprise.) Out of the dozens of ensembles, a select few were what we’re calling the best looks of the night. However, everyone looked stunning in their own respects, dazzling photographers and other stars alike. For a more extensive review on what we thought of the Oscars’ looks as a whole, click to see this article! Without further ado, here are what we’d consider to be four favorite looks of the night.

Oscar Favorites Worn By Women

One of the premiere looks that we enjoyed seeing was this glorious dress from Lever Couture, worn by Nigerian songstress Tems. The dress, which was all white and included a large headpiece, was a stunning, fluffy look that stole the show. It almost resembled the colors of Ramonda from the hit movie “Wakanda Forever”, in which Tems wrote a song for. She dazzled the audience– and blocked the view for some others, generating some less than praiseworthy buzz on Twitter. Regardless, it’s a look we love– and we wouldn’t have her change any piece of it.

Photo by Mike Coppola, Getty images

Another look that we found to be one of the highlights was this piece worn by Angela Bassett. A glamorous purple Moschino gown, accentuated by a small bag, was a highlight of the night. While not as flamboyant as Tems’ Lever gown, it was still elegant, doing just enough to compliment Bassett’s already beautiful figure. We would have given Bassett a nomination for the outfit alone, as well as how well she wore it– especially considering her Oscars’ snub for best supporting actress. Regardless of whether she won yesterday night, she will always be a winner in our hearts. 

Photo by Getty Images

Oscar Favorites Worn By Men

One of our favorite pieces worn by men on the Oscars red carpet was worn by Kelvin Harrison Jr. An ensemble made by Dior, it’s unsurprising that this is a favorite– seeing as its a different look in the sea of tuxedos worn by men. We always appreciate masc actors wearing something different from the norm, especially when they look this good in it. Our only suggestion? Ditch the sunglasses.

Photo by Jesse Grant, Getty Images

Another piece we enjoyed seeing was this suit worn by Ludwig Gorranson. Made by Bode, its a suit with beautifully subtle floral elements. The continental tie paired with the tuxedo shirt gives it a southern look that pairs nicely with his figure, too. Not to mention, we love the hair!

Photo by Arturo Holmes, Getty Images

So, out of all of the looks premiered at the Oscars, these were our favorite looks of the night. Hopefully next year, we’ll be able to see even more future favorites.

Featured photo by Mike Coppola, Getty Images

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