Oscars 2023 Red Carpet Review

Oscars 2023 Red Carpet Review

The 2023 Oscars conclude some long and tiring months of awards campaigning marked by pockets of controversy. These disputes stemmed from issues surrounding race and inclusion. Progressivism had gone too far for some, not far enough for others. But the result on the red carpet was a nostalgic look at the past in dress and decoration.

Producers went without the traditional red carpet for a champagne colored one, a move that broke a 62-year custom. Actors and actresses, in their prescribed roles as the peacocks of the night, did the same. 

Oscars Red Carpet Review

Men of the red carpet are oft-criticized for their strict adherence to the overplayed black suit. This year however, there was a wave of ensembles that flipped it on its head. Harry Shum Jr. wore Adeam in a wonderfully color blocked tuxedo that doubled as a kimono. James Hong opted for a blue suit with a bowtie decorated with googly eyes, a nod to Everything Everywhere All At Once. Paul Mescal, one of the youngest nominees for Best Actor wore Gucci and hinted at disco suits of the 70s. 

But if actors slowly made strides towards caring about fashion, the actresses withdrew from the flashiness present in today’s carpets. Pastels were a unifying theme across the board. Hong Chau was best dressed in a structured pastel pink Prada gown with a black train that resembled a peacock itself. Halle Bailey from the upcoming The Little Mermaid wore an aquamarine tulle Dolce & Gabbana dress. Some also chose to go a sustainable and nostalgic route. Rooney Mara wore a 2008 Alexander Mcqueen gown from the iconic The Girl Who Lived In The Tree collection while Vanessa Hudgens opted for a vintage black-and-white Chanel dress. 

Just as some actresses shone, others faltered. Florence Pugh wore Valentino couture from the 2022 F/W show and attempted a mix of romance and punk. But the crinkled and ill-fitting dress overwhelmed Pugh’s figure who looked like she just rolled out of bed. Others like Jessica Chastain chose metallic in hopes of matching the champagne carpet. However, it only resulted in an ensemble that looked as washed out as the background. 

In all, however, after the red carpet and three hour show, the Oscars ended in a splendor for the winners with the stars of Everything Everywhere All At Once sweeping the awards. Michelle Yeoh won her first Oscar for Best Actress, presented by Halle Berry. And after much anticipation, the film also took home the prestigious Best Picture award. It was a night of celebration for the Asian-American community who finally found themselves recognized.

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