My Kind of Country Explores Music Diversity

My Kind of Country Explores Music Diversity

Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton, and Orville Peck have come together with Apple TV+ for a new music reality show, My Kind of Country. This series explores country music from a new, more diverse and intimate lens. The show changes the landscape of country music, focusing more on inclusion and growth than competition. From executive producers and icons Reese Withersppon and Kacey Muscgraves, this groundbreaking series is the catalyst for an evolving industry.

What makes My Kind of Country so different?

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While there are many music reality television shows out there, My Kind of Country steps out of the mold all these shows have in common. In contrast, each artist has taken the show and somehow made it their own, putting emphasis on what they’ve learned.  

“We all had different views on what we wanted to share with the artists and what we were looking for,” Allen shared. “You know, me, I wanted to come in with the approach of sharing what I’ve learned from other artists and the business.”

My Kind of Country focuses on country music from different parts of the world. It pays less attention to the competition aspect of music shows. It focuses more on facilitating diversity and passing along a more sincere form of help. 

“You got a real window into what was going on in the artist’s mind. […] To see them be artists,” shared Guyton. “You got to hear their original songs. They plugged their original songs at the end of each episode, which I just think is so cool.”

“It never felt scripted or produced,” Peck added. 

What does the genre mean to them?

When it comes to country music, each of the three stars made it clear how important the genre is to them. 

“It’s about storytelling. Of course people can say it’s about a banjo or a sound, or maybe it’s about where you’re from.  But I think this show, what it stands for, is the reality that country is universal,” Peck said. 

The show emphasizes the genre’s role in being a foundation for all music. Although many voice competitions also feature country artists in their programming, this show centers the view from a different angle. It is meant to shine a light on the genre and its artists from all different backgrounds. My Kind of Country is all about building connections between up and coming artists and these mentors who are ready to give.  

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