‘On Chesil Beach’ Trailer: Saoirse Ronan Stars in Upcoming Period Drama

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Saoirse Ronan stole hearts earlier in the year with her electrifying performance in Lady Bird. For those who can’t get enough of her marvelous acting, she’s coming back to theaters in May with ‘On Chesil Beach’ an adaptation of an Ian McEwan novella.


Ronan’s role contrasts that of the ever-rebellious Lady Bird, as she plays Florence: a newlywed struggling with her wedding night. The versatility of Ronan’s acting is phenomenal as Florence is reserved whilst Lady Bird was not.

First love hangs on the balance of societal pressure, and gender roles. Taking place in England during the early 60s, Florence and Edward (Billy Howe) have had an almost flawless relationship up until their wedding night. Florence comes from an upper-class household while Edward grew up in the country. The tension is rising as Florence tries to cope with her fears of consummation. A delicate subject giving the film a daintiness.


The novella exposes Edward and Florence’s deepest thoughts lending the reader to put the pieces together of why things unfold the way they do. It’s beautifully written and fun fact: Ronan is a fan of Ian McEwan’s novels, and her breakthrough role was another adaptation of McEwan’s Atonement.


The film looks visually appealing with stunning cinematic shots of Saoirse at the beach. Capturing the hearts of the audience as she plays the strings of Edward’s heart. The costume design feels rich of floral patterns and pastels and more elegant 60s styles. What better way to welcome spring than to steal some style inspiration from the film. Soft sundresses with floral patterns, and baby blues.


The film is directed by Dominic Cooke, and will be released in theaters on May 18.


Get ready to fall in love with this movie. Check out the trailer below:

‘On Chesil Beach’ Trailer


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‘On Chesil Beach’ Trailer: Saoirse Ronan Stars in Upcoming Period Drama