Evil Dead Rise & The Franchise Before

Evil Dead Rise & The Franchise Before

Evil Dead Rise comes as the film industry’s newest successful horror movie addition. The film has already broken box-office numbers in the two weekends its been showcased. The film follows the Evil Dead franchise set up by acclaimed director Sam Raimi in the early 1980s. While the movie doesn’t showcase any of the older characters from the original film, it is set in the same gruesome universe. With blood, gore, and sinister entities making appearances in the newest box-office addition, the story follows a new protagonist dealing with a disturbing force that won’t leave them alone. 

From Adaptation to Movie Theater Hit

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The Evil Dead franchise has made a name for itself in the horror-cinephile world. The original movie directed by Sam Raimi released in 1981. It garnered audiences of all kinds as it explored the world of the dead and sinister. The established universe probes into the world of wicked entities and does so well. It carries copious amounts of gore and mania throughout. The plot line even delves deep into the books of the dead and possessive demons. Its success made it one of the most prolific horror films in the world of cinema. Evil Dead has been a cult classic amongst the public and it’s no surprise that its ancestor would make just as much noise.

What makes Evil Dead Rise so special?

While it’s safe to say that movie sequels and remakes typically never live up to their predecessor, Evil Dead Rise comes close to denying that notion. The film follows the reunion of two sisters who, after an earthquake, come face to face with flesh-possessing demons that tear the family apart. Evil Dead Rise is horrifying, gory, and so disturbing that it becomes hard to watch at some points. The movie carries a nearly eerie ambiance that makes it so alluring. Whether it be from the creativeness in the title card or the well thought out plot, Evil Dead Rise is hauntingly enticing. 

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