Moon Knight Trailer Released, What To Look Forward To In The Mini-series

Moon Knight Trailer Released, What To Look Forward To In The Mini-series

The next step in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is “Moon Knight”. The official trailer aired during NFL Super Wild Card match-up between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals Monday night. 

About Moon Knight

Starring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, fans look forward to a six episode miniseries on Disney+ as part of Phase Four of the MCU. Most fans may know Isaac as Poe Dameron from the Star Wars franchise or Apocalypse from X-Men. His newest character in “Moon Knight,” Marc Spector, suffers from dissociative identity disorder and is a former U.S. marine. He is murdered on a mercenary mission and brought to an Egyptian tomb. In the tomb, a statue of the Moon God Khonshu raises Spector from the dead and gives him superpowers. 

The comic book character, Moon Knight, exhibits powers like enhanced strength during full moons, prophetic visions and draining lives through physical contact. Whether the character will exhibit these same superpowers in the miniseries is unknown. Ethan Hawke, along with Oscar Isaac, is in the show but his character is unknown at this point. The only discovery made is that he plays an undisclosed villain.  

Spector’s identity changes a lot based on the comics. Sometimes his character has supernatural powers or seen as more of a mortal. The route the MCU takes with the comic book character stays undetermined.

The official trailer revealed Moon Knight’s full costume in action. It looks to be a more textured take on the comic book character’s classic suit. The trailer also set a release date for the show. Fans can look forward to watching the latest addition to the MCU on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 30.

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