A24 & Other Must Watch Films

A24 & Other Must Watch Films

If you’re like any of the 73 million viewers who couldn’t help but tune into the madness of A24’s newest addition, Beef, then there’s a whole selection of films that will appeal to you just as much. Production company A24 is widely known for their mind-bending, hypnotic films and shows. With highly praised and well known films such as Midsommar and Everything Everywhere under their belt, it’s clear the company knows how to produce some of the most twisted works. However, while A24 may be the best known producer of this content, other hidden gems are out there. If thought-provoking, eclectic films capture your attention, then there’s a world of cinema waiting for your watch. 

What makes A24 & Beef so special?

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A24’s Beef became an instant Netflix hit. It garnered crowds both on and off the internet and for good reason. The show follows the lives of two strangers whose run in with road rage leads to a series of chaotic events. While on the surface level it may seem chaotic and overwhelming, the show carries more than it reveals. Beef highlights the gripping stories of depression and repressed emotion. It does more than just dictate two individuals’ road to revenge, but rather leads to a thought-provoking path of inner awareness. 

Beef’s success is due to not only the stellar performances given by Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, but also because it capitalizes on the understanding of Asian-American experiences in such a nuanced manner. A24 has always found success with its projects. They touch on madness just enough for audiences to be hooked but not lost. Midsommar became a clear example of this as a horror film centered around chaos and abnormality. Even much slower works such as Little Women carry that same persona. Chaos attracts and A24 understands that notion.

Movies Worth The Watch

While there are thousands of films in the world that deserve as much attention as a show on road rage did, only a few stand as cinematic psychological masterpieces. 

  • Sharper: Another A24 production, yet this time you really don’t know what will happen. 
  • Memento: A hard-hitting psychological thriller that will leave viewers gripping their seats. 
  • Shutter Island: A neo-noir classic, Shutter Island breaks both the mind and the soul as a Martin Scorcese masterpiece. 
  • Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness: A superhero take on psychological madness and mayhem. 
  • Emily The Criminal: A new film that imbalances life and reality.
  • Jordan Peele: Every film from Peele serves as a means of intense thought stimulation.
  • Babylon: A 3 hour film that will have viewers rethinking everything they thought they knew about Hollywood and themselves. 
  • Prisoner: A Hugh Jackman classic that is both profound and psychologically mind-bending. 
  • Black Phone: A horror film that steps outside the bounds of the genre,
  • The Fallout: A take on social issues that will leave viewers sobbing and mentally exhausted. 

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