Urlazh Autumn / Winter 2023

Urlazh Autumn / Winter 2023

The Taipinghu Park in Central Shanghai saw delicate colors bloom across the stage on an otherwise cloudy day. In the final days of Shanghai Fashion Week, womenswear label Urlazh debuted a collection without any restriction of age or locale. The label prioritizes a type of inclusivity rarely discussed within an industry obsessed with youth. 

Despite the cheeky title of U-Girl given to the people who wear their clothes, their overarching theme is agelessness. But flexibility of age doesn’t mean sacrificing soft hued and delicate colors. For Urlazh, it means balancing the needs and wants of a modern fashionable woman that wants to define herself. 

Urlazh: The Collection

A pale yellow athleisure set paired with fluffy slippers and a knit scarf opens the show. Comfort wear is showcased in a variety of styles and colors from gray to mint green. The collection seems to be a representation of how the average woman’s day unfolds. Comfort wear transitions to casual wear to a coat perfect for a chilly night out. 

A sweet pink sweater with cherry buttons and bright red pants appears next. As does a tracksuit color blocked with green, white and black. Though each outfit hints at maximalism through bold and vivid shades, intentional color blocking allows a sleekness to form. 

The final transitionary period comes as models wear bright sweaters and baggy shorts that hints at androgyny. Loose silhouettes and oversized sweaters reject displays of femininity that normally feature tight clothes that show off one’s body. 

Though athletic wear and comfort wear are the primary threads in the entire collection, the material appears sturdy and high-quality. It also represents the semi style way of dressing that has taken over throughout the globe. The collection is fit for a woman who is working out, going to her job, and hanging out with friends on a casual night out. You could picture it in your wardrobe and so could your mother. 

Take a look at some of the highlights from the collection:

All Images Courtesy of Shanghai Fashion Week Website

Featured Image Courtesy of Shanghai Fashion Week Website

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