Dua Lipa is A Top Fashion Icon

Dua Lipa is A Top Fashion Icon

Popstar princess, Dua Lipa is taking over fashion Inspo boards and Pinterest saves for her exquisite taste in fashion. The singer known for her classics including “New Rules” & “One Kiss” have awarded her top ratings. Evidently, the singer is also getting a 5 star style rating for her funky and trendy outfits. Her instagram is full of mystical looks ranging from red carpets to being poolside in some chunks.

Superstar in Sparkles

Photo via Dua Lipa Instagram

Firstly, the icon shows off her curves in this dazzling number wearing a low cut back in a light pink sparkly mini dress. More so, her New Year’s look takes inspo from the y2k queen Paris Hilton and copy her blinged-out look while keeping it trendy with an exposed thong peeking out. Furthermore, Dua Lipa pairs her luxurious piece with with shooting star earrings and sparkly eyeshadow. Keeping it classy and fabulous, Lipa wears a diamond tennis bracelet and some hot pink thigh highs to complete her attire.

Dua Lipa Stunting in Platforms

Photo @Dualipa Instagram

Showing off her sun kissed skin, the popstar gives kisses to her mega Marc Jacobs strappy platforms. The all Marc Jacobs look boasts a sparkly bralette with a white silver hardware chain purse. In addition, Lipa wears a long white jean skirt to compliment the micro mini bralette.

Hot in Pink

Image via @Dualipa instagram

The superstar reveals some leg in this hot pink draping style of dress. She is glowing in the sheer and sexy Fanci Club original with ruffles that reveal a deep-V neckline and extend into ribbons down her torso. Obviously, her love for chunk high heels continue with these Cinderella-blue satin pumps that add an extra element of color.

Dua Lipa is Preppy n Punk

Via @DuaLipa Instagram

Lipa is lavish in a Lacoste ribbed crop top in a deep burgundy shade with matching bottoms. More so, the preppy set has some funky neon yellow and orange stripes to elevate and modernize the preppy brand’s label. Furthermore, the star pairs her little set with a classy pearl bracelet and keeps it cool with some chunky rings to accessorize.

A Delicate Daydream

Arnold Jerocki | Gettyimages

Delicate and dainty, Dua stuns in a Jacquemus sheer gown dress with floral accents. The trendsetter wears an open back showing off her features and wears a simple Jacquemus black purse.

Without a doubt, Dua Lipa continues to radiate her personality through her funky and fab outfits she styles. As I have said, Lipa’s fashion tastes keep making the mark with new trendsetting designs and is a couture icon to pull your next fashion advice from.

Featured Image via @Dua Lipa Instagram

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