Find Your Inner G with STAMM FW 2023

Find Your Inner G with STAMM FW 2023

STAMM, the label originating from Scandinavia, showcases its Fall/Winter 2023 collection during Copenhagen FW 23. STAMM is taking fashion and making it modern with a mix of grunge; all the while keeping sustainability alive in the process. Equally important, STAMM is a finalist in the ‘Zalando Sustainability Award. The mastermind behind the futuristic designs is Elisabet Stamm, who created the upcoming collection ‘Inner G’. This is for everyone who wants a casual-yet-edgy look that appears effortless on the wearer. Stamm believes this collection to be for those who strive in bringing out their “inner G”. Your “inner G” is the fire inside of you, waiting to be struck. 

STAMM Sustainability 

Each individual’s “inner G” allows the wearer to curate their own silhouette with layering unique pieces of garments. Allowing the wearer to create a customizable look and feel accentuating their tastes. STAMM’s swagger, as well as their sustainability, are something worth bragging about. The label designs clothes with luxurious organic cotton along with Indian Khadi. Furthermore, they use a range of natural dyes and resources like tree bark and yellow pomegranate. In addition, STAMM uses recycled materials such as polyester and lamb to make their patches.

Runway Looks

STAMM’s lookbook features long puffy coats that are full of shape to create an illusion that has been dubbed ‘Fly’. This pattern refers to the garment’s sleeves connecting along its back, thus allowing for more flexibility. The models are in sheer black pants that drape along their legs for a dramatic effect. Some of the other designs feature athletic apparel with an other-worldly perspective for some STAMM origin. The patchwork integrates a unique and exotic look into leather jackets and hats. In like manner, the collection centers on over the top draping of fabrics and puffiness of sleeves to give the unconventional appearance. In addition, there are fun designs of graphic sheer garments that give a trendy and statement piece to pair with anything. 

Featured Image via STAMM

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