Just In XX SS19

Just In XX SS19

Just In XX SS19 – entitled “F@$HITON” – was revealed to disrupt the idea of beauty in any standard form. The re-brand introduces philosophical and satirical elements that challenge the quest for façade-masked perfection… attained by filter-culture across the globe.

The Taiwanese streetwear label plays a major role in the new realm of sustainability, proclaiming the “old is new… and local is global”.

The latest from Designer Justin Yu-Ying Chou was a display of multiple elements, a story in 3 chapters. On the forefront, Just In XX [formally labeled Just In Case] created a moment to showcase the beauty and creativity of Asian influence in modern streetwear. It’s debatable whether Americans influence global trends, or if the crazy rich Asians are dropping not-so-subtle vibes. Towards the end, we were thrown into a composite of clashing textiles, their lines and shapes establishing the look in itself.

The runway had reoccurring elements and unexpected surprises that thrilled the audience – an international mix of Artists, Fashion Editors, and native celebrities. I’m in love anytime a runway casts models that are fully diverse – in nationality, personality age and size.

The music was a mashup of Taiwanese hip-hop and deep beats. A favorite moment included rising artist ØZI, emerging from the front row… during the middle of the show to perform his latest single in an intimate and exclusive halftime performance.

Aesthetically, the collection is a puzzle that needs a trained and stylish eye to solve. The heavy use of geometric lines, twisted patterns and distressed tailoring balanced with exaggerated silhouettes, laser-cut denim, and digital prints … all paired with exclusive and sold-out OFF–WHITE x NIKE collabs.


IMO, styling every look some of the hottest sneaker drops of 2018 is a nod to the buying power that remains amongst the few.

Just In XX SS19: F@$HITON Runway

[Images | Just In XX, Studio25]

Backstage and Frontrow

The Spring Studios space [home to official NYFW shows] was packed with mega-influencers like the subversive population of eclectic streetwear enthusiasts… and bizarrefashion trendhoppers.

[images | Just In XX, Ben Gabbe/Getty]


In the end, Just In XX makes a bold statement in authenticity and reclaiming individuality. Gone are the days of adolescent school uniforms and too-timid choices. Global streetwear buyers should embrace Justin’s artistic vision and provide fair exposure and outlets for his fellow Asian designers… especially with their consumers’ substantial hold on industry buying power!

Justin Yu-Ying Chou, a graduate from the Domus Academy in Milan, launched Just In Case in 2013, which he recently rebranded as Just In XX. His affinity for infusing individualism with modernism allows the muse to include avant-garde streetwear into their wardrobe, a top choice for red carpet appearances and concert looks for both native Taiwanese and international celebrities.

Chou has been labeled as “Taiwan’s Most Rebellious Designer“, awarded “ELLE’s New Talent Award” (2015), and recently has been reviewed as “The 18 Wildest Looks From NYFW” by Business Insider (2017).

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