Global Fashion Collective Presents Emerging Talent

Global Fashion Collective Presents Emerging Talent

Global Fashion Collective

Global Fashion Collective, a budding company with roots within Vancouver Fashion Week, is on a mission to support emerging designers. Founded by Jamal Abdourahman, it help international designers gain traction on a global scale. 

Global Fashion Collective first launched in 2017 at Tokyo Fashion Week. The company’s latest accomplishment includes a showcase at London Fashion Week in 2023. 

During this year’s New York Fashion Week, it presented an array of designers, each inventive and from a unique background. The three themes were “Innovative”, “Contemporary” and “Evening Wear”. 


NOLO Mx opened the show. Founded by Luis Corrales or Manolo, it is based in Mexico. He developed a love of fashion at a later stage in his life after he visited New York City. Specifically, he found the cultural freedom in New York’s streetwear scene to be exhilarating. He began to attract customers a mere month after he returned to Mexico and created his first piece. In the F/W 2023 collection at NYFW, his inspiration largely came from streetwear. He uses wide silhouettes and casual garments which reflects his interest in freedom. He defies restrictions in his life and work.  

Next came Maldito. It is a multimedia project based around the eponymous manga series. The project celebrates queer and camp culture depicted in manga. The digital designs also signify a new era slowly emerging in the industry that combines technology and fashion design. 

Lastly, South Korean designer Hee-yong Shin closed the show with a focus on women and femininity. Her goal was to reconcile strength and femininity and explore their potential mutual inclusivity. The collection used slits, drilling and holes during the design process. These methods of disruption gave a sense of discontent. when used on traditionally conservative clothing. She attempts to challenge the status quo, fueled by her own strength. 

Global Fashion Collective


The second show focused on “Contemporary” and discussed the environmental issues impacting fashion. 

JASIVE by Mexican designer Jasive Fernández opened the show. Fernández has a deep interest in sustainability and ethical fashion and uses it in her collection. The themes of elegance is reflected in her collection which references the aristocracy. Frilly dresses with high necks and layers made for garments perfect for older customers. Colors were either neutrals or darker, jewel tones that emphasized regality. 

Secondly, Maison De Hoe, a South Korean brand, came next. The designer had an international upbringing that took her from China to New York. She has a worldliness that comes in handy. She has an interest in the connection between art and the self and Western philosophy. Philosophy inspired her to create collections that are morally upright which also means ethical. The show was quirky and buoyant as models embraced bright colors and patterns. She chose to layer collar skirts and maxi skirts with floral blazers . Also, her use of maximalist patterns with the professional attire in New York leads to a unique collection. 

Lastly, unlike the previous designers, the brand Ambergrim is a collaboration between a couple. Ambergleam and her husband wanted to explore the connection between masculinity and femininity. The essence of their brand is “Clothing You Want To Share” without any barriers. 

Global Fashion Collective

Evening Wear

Firstly, Japanese brand Victorian Maiden opened the final show. The brand was created in 1999. It reflects the Lolita aesthetic that defines Japanese style. The brand brings a level of girlishness normally not seen in evening wear. But in order to fit into evening wear, they used Victorian elements in their designs. Models wore conservative dresses with bows and frills in neutral or dark colors. A combination of lace and “frugal” patterns led to a modest elegance. 

Next came Taússy Daniel with his eponymous high fashion brand. The haute couture designer focuses on the female form. He combines his eclecticism with a shapely silhouette when creating his brand of femininity. Daniel uses cinched waists and tight silhouettes that focus on the female body. Models wear necklines that resemble a flower which are paired with a tight bottom half. He has a love of metallic, using gold and silver.

Lastly, Hengki Kawilarang closed the show with a collection of glamorous designs that makes a woman into a diva. In the collection, he incorporated elements such as crystals and feathers to create evening wear that did not shy away from boldness. Also, models wearing combinations of pattern inspired by his culture and fur walk the runway. Additionally, the grandeur of the clothes is striking.

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Images Via PR Newswire

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