Fashion Hong Kong at NYFW

Fashion Hong Kong at NYFW

Fashion Hong Kong showcases the cities fashion vibrancy by featuring three of their leading brands: Harrison Wong, Heaven Please+ who returned for the third consecutive year, and Sun Sen who made their debut event.

Heaven Please+

Designer duo Lary Cheung and Yi Chan are now veterans to the NYFW scene. As a brand they wish to bring individuality to simple clothing. The goal of this collection was to create a new modern woman, drawing inspiration from traditional British royal costumes, the Princess of Wales, and to reinvent those looks for 2020. The inspiration was clear as the many of the designs here are heavy on the shoulders reminiscent of those historically royal dresses, as well as fuller below the waistline, almost like a subtle hoop skirt. There is a play on the conservative, however with the different microfloral, polkadot, and plaid prints it brings in a newer and fresher element. I really enjoyed the looks and believe Princess Diana would be proud, especially with that elegant first white look. 


Sun = Sen Collection


Sun=Sens creative director Sun Lam sought out to give us something unexpected and fun, with hope to spread a sense of optimism. The F/W 2020 Collection is inspired by an alien character called “Nice Ghost” who encourages the idea of self expression and breaking through social stereotypes. The show itself was very playful and whimsical, and none of the pieces were typical. There were lots of different plays on textures, and bright colors. The cute hats and pigtails also gave out a very youthful vibe and even the music selection provided a carefree feeling. I think that each of Sun Lams objectives were met and showed the meaning of having fun with fashion.





Harrison Wong


Harrison Wong’s aesthetic is definitely one of structure and simplicity, but with a little more drama. This brand identity definitely carried on into this seasons looks. This collection in particular was also heavily influenced on ideas of abstract visual art through the use of deconstruction, patchwork, and color blocking. The looks were edgy but not overwhelming, and wearable but unique enough to keep you intrigued. I really loved his use of texture and fabric combinations as well as use of matte and glossy for heightened contrast.




The Fashion Hong Kong Show was filled with so many great designs and definitely had movement to keep you interested. Each brand is very unique and brings something special to the table. I am excited to see what the future holds for these brands.

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