Evan Hirsch x Last Epoch: Fall/Winter 24 NYFW

Evan Hirsch x Last Epoch: Fall/Winter 24 NYFW

Emerging fashion visionary and designer Evan Hirsch unveiled his much-anticipated Fall/Winter 24 collection on February 13th, captivating the audience with a runway show inspired by the dynamic and imaginative realm of the Last Epoch, a compelling action role-playing game by Eleventh Hour Games. The collection not only reflects the diverse personas within the Last Epoch but also skillfully translates their unique styles and characteristics into Hirsch’s innovative designs.

From the rugged Primalist to the mysterious Acolyte, Hirsch seamlessly captures the essence of these characters, presenting a cohesive and groundbreaking collection that merges transformative design with the imaginative world of the Last Epoch. Hirsch, inspired by the highly stylized characters of the game, expressed his enthusiasm for embracing fantasy elements in his designs. “When I first came across the game, the first thing I noticed was the highly stylized characters and how every single one had a distinct look that made each one unique. Working with Last Epoch has allowed me to embrace the fantasy and fantastical elements that I love when designing,” he shared.

Evan Hirsch’s Fall/Winter 24 collection, showcased at his first full collection debut on the NYFW runway, is a testament to his boundless creativity and the seamless integration of fashion and fantasy. While some designs lean towards a more costume-like aesthetic, each piece at its core exudes creativity, offering versatile options suitable for the red carpet, bridal aisle, or any upscale cocktail event. The collection presents an eclectic mix of textures, fabrics, and silhouettes, meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of each character class. Notable highlights include fur stoles reminiscent of the Primalist’s attire, quilted brocade inspired by the Rogue’s weaponry, and luxurious velvet reflecting the regal garb of the Mage.

Fashion enthusiasts and fortunate attendees were thoroughly impressed by Evan Hirsch’s inaugural and fantastical runway show, seamlessly merging the worlds of fashion and fiction with a touch of imaginative flair.

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