ALÉMAIS Makes Its Runway Debut for AAFW

ALÉMAIS Makes Its Runway Debut for AAFW

Eco-friendly brand ALÉMAIS makes its runway debut during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week with the launch of its Resort 2024 collection. 

The brand kicked off AAFW inviting audience members on a visual journey to Bohemia using colorful and exotic prints. 

Resort 2024 Collection

According to the designer, Lesleigh Jermanus, the collection’s visual elements resemble the 1985 film “Return to Oz”. She takes inspiration from “the opulent costumes, set and soundtrack,” she tells Grazia

The designer draws inspiration from the idea of a “yellow brick road,” reveling in the differences between the places and people along the way. ALÉMAIS expresses this through tropical floral prints. This includes a white long-sleeve dress boasting a pattern of bright foliage and flowers mingling with sea creatures. The design elements blend together with a painted-on feel. A flowy button-up dress takes on the same idea but with a psychedelic twist. The dress embodies trippy illustrations of the sun and rainbows against muted greens, blues, and purples.

The collection beautifully mixes vintage as well as modern silhouettes and cuts perfectly suitable for the summer. Take a gilded puff sleeve top paired with high-waist floral shorts and strappy heels, for example. | Getty


ALÉMAIS identifies itself as a brand rooted in sustainability, defining its guiding principles as “responsibility,” “circularity,” and “artisanal.”  Through these principles, the brand places an emphasis on using recycled fabrics and materials, such as hemp and cotton, whenever possible as well as utilizing a garment’s entire life cycle. Meanwhile, the brand internationally recruits artisans and craftsmen to work with them on each collection. This is ALÉMAIS’ way of embracing “traditional techniques that have been passed from one artist to the next.”

For example, the brand invites painter Meagan Boyd, multidisciplinary artist Jedda Daisy Culley, and psychedelic artist Yvan Guillo to work on the Resort 2024 collection.

The brand’s site lists off some of its key achievements, which include planting over 200,000 trees through its partnership with the environmental organization, Ecologi, as well as employing carbon-neutral shipping methods for all of its online orders.

Feature image: Kincade Photography

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