Chloe Sevigny & Her Closet Sent NYC in a Frenzy

Chloe Sevigny & Her Closet Sent NYC in a Frenzy

This Sunday, if you were in SoHo, you probably witnessed hundreds standing outside a studio in a never ending line. And if you looked closely, you could most likely see people young and old, in all kinds of garb. A person that so perfectly represents New York also hosted the event that is so quintessentially New York. Actress, model and it-girl Chloe Sevigny hosted the sale that sent New Yorkers into a frenzy.

Chloe Sevigny and The Sale of the Century

Via Vogue

Deemed ‘the coolest girl in the world’ by The New Yorker, Sevigny’s wardrobe is one most can’t copy as the internet lets us do. But if you were one of the ones that bought a vintage dress or leather jacket, you are the envy of many. 

Chloe Sevigny announced the closet sale via her Instagram and hosted it jointly with others in the industry. The co-hosts also included Vogue editor Lynn Yaegger, Vogue digital director Sally Singer and PAPER Magazine editor Mickey Boardman. The caption stated it’d be filled with “neverworns to everyday staples, Victorian to indie sleaze, designer & tons of denim”. And in the end, it didn’t disappoint.

Fashion-philes on social media were also abuzz with users sharing their finds that ranged from vintage Prada purses to a Gucci toothpaste. And surprisingly, Sevigny’s list of fans doesn’t just include New Yorkers with convicted whistleblower Chelsea Manning also making an appearance. 

The chance to raid Sevigny’s closet and get their hands on vintage designer wasn’t the only reason for excitement. Sevigny, and consequently her wardrobe represents a lost New York, an era of cool that didn’t rely on social media. To many, if they wear one of her pre-owned items, perhaps they too can channel her in their own lives. 

In the end, it was a success. Now, a new generation has the wardrobe shot Sevigny into stardom.

Featured Image Via Wonderland Magazine

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