Young Russian Artist Creates Wearable Art for Marc Jacobs

Young Russian Artist Creates Wearable Art for Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs social media post recently revealed a series of photos of a young woman modeling their new collection of handbags. At the first glance, the photos look like low-cost production which stand out from the rest of their Instagram posts. However, the longer you look at them, you will feel that the photos appear quite fun and even artistic. They are works of a 19-year-old artist from Moscow, Maya Golyshkina. She is a photographer turned sculpture artist, she uses herself as the model for her wearable art.

Marc Jacobs team discovered Maya on their social media feed and immediately decided on a collaboration project with her featuring their handbags. “To be honest, I was shocked when they contacted me,” Maya tells Vogue Magazine. “I don’t really follow the fashion world, but Marc has always been a huge inspiration to me, I like that he is what he is: real.” Maya created three campy looks for Marc Jacobs with the same color palette of the bags that were featured. A mini dress made of tissue paper rolled roses in pink and yellow, a tank top and hat with corn puffs glued all over and a dynamic top stacked with poker cards. Maya’s works and the precisely made handbags miraculously create a sense of surrealism and harmony, as if they were made to go together.

Maya Golyshkina for Marc Jacobs. Photo by Maya Gloyshkina.

Marc Jacobs himself didn’t conceal his appreciation for Maya’s talent, he highly praised her in the comments under her crafty creations. However, a lot of Marc Jacob fans didn’t buy the idea of pairing a designer bag with clothes not made of fabric, since they think it makes a designer handbag look cheap. When I looked into Maya’s Instagram, what came to my mind was “camp”. Maya uses everyday objects such as kitchen utensils, cardboard or even drawing with markers on her body to create wearable art. I do admit, a lot of her looks don’t seem appealing at all, some are even tacky like childish crafts. But so many elements of bad taste combined together with a little bit of glue or tape results in a peculiar aesthetic that attracts viewers and make them think “Wow I never thought something could be used in this way”.

Maya’s wearable art using different found objects. Photo by Maya Gloyshkina.

Note that Maya takes all her photos by herself in different rooms in her house or backyard, most of the time on her bed. Sometimes her friends model her creations. No complicated equipment is used, no backdrops, no retouches. Although the outcome is cheap looking, the visual impact is tremendous, everything is as raw as it can be, some even brings out an avant-garde side. Maya’s creations remind me of contemporary installations that hardly have any actual meaning. It’s a wild method of expression, a unique way to bring out the fun side of insipid items we so often see which we tend to ignore.



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