The White Trainers you Actually Need This Summer!

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Those sometimes troublesome emails you get from the stores you frequent (and by that I mean those boutiques where you make fantasy carts and you’re credit card shrivels up in your bag across the room obvi) are bombarding everyone with these memorial day sales. Solids, striped and starred garments are just dripping off the rack and making a mess our inboxes. One of those red white and blue clad newsletter’s has inspired today’s topic. White trainers..we all know how this goes. The love hate relationship with those timeless kicks that no matter the outfit elevate us into chic territory. Like going from queens to chinatown (feel me?) Of all the lists of this and that persons’ favorite white trainers you must buy now, there has yet to be a list of the must have white dream boats that can be marked V for Vegan, cruelty and injustice free. (Lol okay I just added that last piece on but come can’t possible have a trainer that are Vegan and casually also support sweatshops..that’s a whole other type of Vegan.) Because of that injustice I have curated my own list of must-have white trainers that will actually bring you and everything else peace of mind that aren’t brought to you by way of animal derived glues, and leather. For all my eco babes this list is for you, we’d never want you to feel out of the loop, speaking of FOMO we’ve got you covered.


Will’s Vegan Shoes New York White


Google Images



Matt and Nat Bonaventure-White

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Good Guys Samo White




Matt and Nat Berri White

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Espirit Miana Bootie


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Good Guys WACK White

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This one is a brand new release so get it while it’s hot by clicking the link!

Ahimsa sneaker female at Avesu Vegan Shoes

Now that we’ve taken care of the feet..about that


P.s. There may be a sequel to this little love note to vegan vibes featuring mainstream designer brands that offer safe footwear options for us hemp people. Bisou Bisou.


Fashion FOMO? TGR has the Cure


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The White Trainers you Actually Need This Summer!