How to Elevate the Casual Look

How to Elevate the Casual Look

How to elevate the casual look. How do you nail it? Well here is a very good example: Start with a bralette if you wear a very wide V – cut neckline. Especially the ones you can practically wear sloping the shoulder. They can be worn in versatile ways. Or if you are not into the slouchy style, you can opt for a crisp, white button-down shirt cause they go with everything.

Reveal some skin…or not. Draped V-necks are very flattering and can be layered perfectly over a bralette. It adds dimension to your look and makes it stand out especially if you pick a bold color palette for your bralette. But like I said before, you can stick to your button down as well.

Sweatpants aren’t just for the gym or lounge-wear for the house anymore. You can wear them to even some of the fanciest places. It’s all about picking the right fabrics and textures. A silk sweatpants can elevate any look beautifully. They can be worn in various of ways and it’s a must have. Relaxed but still elegant.

Finishing touches…it all comes down to accessories, right? For the day, you can rock your V-neck & bralette or your crisp white shirt and silk sweatpants with sneaks, a tote bag and a pair of shades, if you’re on the go for errands, shopping, etc. For the night, swap out the sneakers and tote bag for some pumps/sandal heels and a great statement clutch.

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