When Fashion Becomes Impractical


When Fashion Becomes Impractical

Fashion has been releasing more “statement” pieces; but it seems as though they’re impractical, and just want to go viral and get people talking. As the saying goes, all press is good press. It’s those strange pieces that make people raise questions such as who is buying it and actually wearing it?

Most recently, the internet has gone into a frenzy after new products from major fashion house Miu Miu dropped on their website. 

Two items in particular caught everyone’s eye, because of their impracticality. One of them is their Embroidered Silk and Wool Panties. Available in Sand Beige and a Pink Opal, this piece specifically had many people cringing.
The entire outer fabric of the panties is covered in sequins, and it features a back zipper since the piece isn’t made of a stretchy material. Retailing at $5,600, it’s quite a price to pay to put your panties in a bunch. Another item of similar construction and size are their Corduroy Shorts. They’re available in Camel Brown and an Ochre Yellow. The “shorts” mimic lingerie, yet still include a hook and zipper as pants typically do. This retails a little lower, with a price tag of $1,100. While the main material consists of cotton, the shorts look anything but comfortable. 

Miu Miu isn’t the only brand that features impractical pieces like these. Italian fashion house Diesel has also been in the spotlight for the same reason, but this time was about a mini skirt. Diesel’s Belt Skirt was the it-girl item for quite a while, influencing many to participate in the trend. However, when the skirt came in, influencers began trying it on and had mixed feelings. Influencers told their following that the skirt was made for model bodies, not every body. Those who fit the “model” body type liked the skirt, while others had trouble getting the skirt to look right. However, everyone found that they couldn’t sit down in the skirt due to its solid material. Prepare to pay $995 for a “standing outfit.”

MSCHF is an American Art Collective located in Brooklyn, New York. Known for creating eye-catching (and impractical) items, they made Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes,” which allegedly contained a single drop of human blood. Another item they produced is the Microscopic Louis Vuitton Handbag, which they recently auctioned and which fetched a selling price of $63,750. Despite barely being visible and fitting on a finger tip, the brand’s clientele understands the hype behind their products.The MSCHF design team drew inspiration from Astro Boy’s boots to create the Big Red Boot, giving them a cartoonish appearance. Fans became obsessed with them, and upon acquiring a pair, they discovered that taking them off was nearly impossible.The boots have a $350 price tag, which is definitely more attainable than past products, but are they worth it?

Jacquemus is a popular French fashion house, known for their contemporary chic yet fun designs. Their most popular item also happens to be the most useless. Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito Handbag is their signature mini handbag, and it’s so impractical, barely fits a cardholder and one lipstick. Celebrities like Lizzo have been seen wearing this bag while attending red carpets. The picture of her went viral, quickly becoming a meme and mocking the mini bag. However, many still ended up giving in to the trend and getting the handbag themselves. The price Le Chiquito starts at $590, and it goes up depending on the material used. 

The idea of going viral is attractive to brands because they know it’ll bring in more money and more eyes on the them, later becoming future clients. Right when people think fashion couldn’t get weirder, it does.

Featured Photo by Miu Miu

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