Welcome to Z Land: Zayn Malik and Arnette Collaborate For New Eyewear

ZAYN X ARNETTE Photo By Arnette

Welcome to Z Land: Zayn Malik and Arnette Collaborate For New Eyewear

Zayn Malik has come a long way since becoming a solo artist and a father. Malik has teamed up with Arnette to create a collection of eyewear. Made from bio-based materials, this is a sustainable collection. The collection consists of five different frames, referred to as the “Utopia Models”.

Behind The Inspiration

Four out of the five pairs are sunglasses, the fifth being eyeglasses. Malik made sure to include a lot of his creativity in this project. In an article by Luxottica, the owners of Arnette, they say, “Each pair of glasses is embellished with a detail inspired by the artist’s creativity, such as his sign, latest hit record or names from retro sports cars, his great passions.” Malik name the different models of eyewear after retro cars.

In an interview Malik had with Vogue, he spoke about his influence, saying, “the inspiration came from a couple different places.” He went on to say, “Arnette really liked the album art from [my album] Nobody Is Listening, so there was a lot of inspiration taken from that. I was also really keen on giving the collection more of a retro ’90s feel.”


The Different Models

With a lot of inspiration from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Malik and Arnette worked together on the DROPHEAD model. With a round-shaped frame and a variety of colorful lenses, Malik and Arnette created the DROPHEAD sunglasses . All the colorful lenses in this model were inspired by Maliks latest album, Nobody is Listening.

Some of the bolder looks from this collection include the GULLWING and GTO designs. There is also a unisex model, the GULLWING. The GULLWING has a wider shaped temple. The GTO also has a wider shaped temple but has more aviator-like lenses. Both the GULLWING and GTO designs are available in a range of colors.

Next, the Type Z model is available in both sunglasses and eyeglass form. This model has more of a square frame and large temples. Not only do all sunglasses and eyeglasses have Maliks signature “Z” on the lenses but they also take you through his creative journey. These sunglasses and eyeglasses are available online at Arnette.

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