2021 Spring Trend: How To Wear “Dad Sandals”

2021 Spring Trend: How To Wear “Dad Sandals”

Photos via Pinterest

By Hailey Hinton

Influencers are always giving us new style inspo, and if you like Birkenstocks or flat sandals, you’re in luck.

The black two strap “dad sandals” from Chanel or Prada, are making an appearance all over Instagram and Pinterest with influencers wearing them in the coolest ways—making it extremely hard to not want a pair.  

While the Chanel and Prada sandals are $800+, luckily other stores and brands have their own versions which are just as cute, and affordable (like Aerosoles from Nordstrom). 

Below are 5 ways to style this seasons trend: dad sandals. 

1. Jeans

Keeping it simple and casual, pairing your dad sandals with a stylish pair of jeans is how the majority of influencers are styling them. Stick a t-shirt, crop top, or blazer with it and you’re good to go for the spring. 

2. Dress

To make a day outfit more casual, styling your sandals with a dress is the way to go. This look is perfect for brunch, lunch, or running errands.

3. Sweats

For those lazy days, this look is to die for. Still put together with the right top (like a blazer or button up), this look is cool and casual. 

4. Cloth Shorts

Another lazy day look, this is comfy chic without being over the top or mish-mosh. Style your hair in a sleek back bun for the ultimate Hailey Bieber look. 

5. Oversized Shirts/Sweatshirts

No matter what bottoms, oversized anything looks great with these shoes. For a day look, try denim shorts with a white button up.

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