Want to Feel More Grounded? The Footwear That Connects You to Mother Nature!


After a year full of stress and being cooped up inside, luckily there’s a footwear brand that created unique shoes to ground yourself and connect with Mother Nature. More people are discovering the benefits of earthing shoes.

 Raum Goods, the maker of all-natural, ethically-sourced earthing footwear for both men and women. Their minimalist style is not only comfortable and “ground connecting,” it’s downright stylish.


Experience this unique concept in men’s and women’s footwear through your sole— a zero-drop sole made from porous water buffalo leather that’s ethically-sourced. This material is extra conductive as it absorbs the earth’s moisture and your perspiration. Each pair has a copper rivet hammered through the sole that touches your KD1 pressure point under your foot to directly contact the earth, making you fully conductive.


Your feet mold into the leather over time creating an amazing level of comfort that brings you back to how your body was designed to feel.


Each pair is artisan handcrafted in Turkey with these additional materials:


  • Vegetable tanned leathers for color

  • Full natural sheepskin lining

  • 100% Cotton waxed stitching thread

  • 100% Copper rivet conductor hand hammered through sole


Products are shipped in natural linen bags and an outer biodegradable shipping envelope made from corn.



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Want to Feel More Grounded? The Footwear That Connects You to Mother Nature!