UGG’s Making A Comeback

UGG’s Making A Comeback

The shoe brand UGG has flip-flopped between being a trendy brand over the past 10 years, and with the winter season around the corner, UGG’s have been making a comeback.

The birth of the brand is dated back to 1978, founded by an Australian surfer named Brian Smith, with his original intention of making boots to keep his feet warm. With the shoe maintaining the same reputation, the evolution of the UGG style has evolved over time.

Starting with the first company shoe, you can see how the original stitching is very different compared to today. With the brand continually keeping the same color options over the years with adding new ones, we are able to see the growth of the shoe. Except one thing has stayed the same: the use of sheepskin.

According to the UGG website, they have a very strict policy about animal welfare. Requiring all their suppliers to use humane animal treatment in order to prevent animal abuse. Even though they use sheepskin, the company reassures people that the shoe they are wearing comes from a good place.

In the 2000’s, the shoe brand seemed unstoppable. With upgrading their boots to different styles and selections, celebrities and everyday people would wear these shoes no matter where they were going. As you can see, they upgraded the style to a much simpler look with stitching along the edges and upgrading the color to chestnut. Again, as time went on, the colors stayed in the same range, but the variety upgraded every year.

Finally, after about a 10 year break, the brand decided to upgrade their shoes to a more fashionable, trendy, and streetwear look. Adding a diverse array of styles, such as a popular platform look. These shoes are once again being worn by celebrities and everyday people, officially bringing the UGG shoe back in style.

With the shoes officially being back in style, they are constantly out of stock. If you are on the hunt for them, make sure and keep an eye out and check out the website below.

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