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The National Football League has been growing as “America’s Game” according to many citizens across the USA. Therefore, NFL players have received an amplified amount of media attention each year. Fashion is key! Players and associates understand they receive publicity and use it to their advantage in most cases. Many athletes take pride in their style off the field. e=Here are the top three most influential NFL athletes to use fashion to their advantage.


Odell Beckham Jr. Wears The Freshest Looks for This Fall | GQ
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First, Odell Beckham Jr. is a free agent entering the new 2022-23 football season. He tore his ACL during the Super Bowl last year. Yet, he is considered by himself and several of his peers to have the best clothing style on and off the field. OBJ has been spotted at the Met Gala during 2019. However, safe to say his style and personality is unique to the NFL.


Pregnant Ciara Gets Cut Out of Her Dress by Russell Wilson Following Tom  Ford Show | Entertainment Tonight
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Next, Russel Wilson is growing in popularity while venturing to the Denver Broncos for his fresh start. Ciara Wilson is Russel wife. She is a model and a dancer, so Russel is acclimated to the fashion lifestyle. He owns a clothing brand named “3BRAND”. The brand’s website says, “Russell Wilson’s 3BRAND brings sport, music and fashion together in an on-trend sportswear brand that inspires us to be better, do more, and give back. We believe the mind, body and soul combine to make dreams come true.”


Tom Brady's Exclusive GQ Man of the Year Photo Shoot | GQ
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Finally, Tom Brady, featuring his “BRADY BRAND” clothing line. Tom Brady is inching his way to retirement. So, he is getting assets outside of football ready. Tom’s wife, Gisele Bündchen, is a top model with a net worth totaling to 400 million dollars. Their family is comfortable with showing different fashion styles and designs for the people to see. So, we have to appreciate Tom’s work on and off the field.

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