Tiffany & Co. Adds A Few New Diamonds

Tiffany & Co. Adds A Few New Diamonds

Tiffany & Co. known for their glamour and class, a rare luxury gem hidden in a robin blue hue box with a satin white bow. A string of pearls or a set of diamond studs awaits the lucky hands that behold the blue box. Except that blue box might hold more than a diamond ring now. Tiffany and Co. continues to pave its way throughout history as being a symbol of class and modesty. While understanding Tiffany’s success of their simplistic luxury experience; LVMH acquired the jewelry name. Therefore, they are now looking to expand Tiffany’s tastes into new realms of the fashion world. 

Tiffany X FENDI

FENDI, a haute couture brand inspired by its Roman roots is an iconic fashion designer label. Famous for their rich furs and baguette bags; the Tiffany hue now gives the baguette bag a new touch of color.. Celebrating its 25th classic baguette style bag, FENDI & Tiffany Co. curate a timeless masterpiece. Evidently, both couture luxuries merge in the fashion world to create the Tiffany X FENDI baguette in the staple “Tiffany Blue” color. Last year in New York, Bella Hadid strutted the runway showcasing the eye-catching blue baguette wearing a matching satin jumpsuit. The collaboration features different sizes and styles of the baguette bag all having the “Return to Tiffany” charm. In addition, the Fendi buckle FF symbol displays a hidden T motif within it which hints at the dual collab between the two luxury brands. They also released three Tiffany baguette charms which one of them was seen hanging on Hadid’s neck, tying her look together. 

Tiffany X Nike

Image via Nike Instagram

The collaboration nobody is prepared for. Taking one fashion house of sneakerheads and sportswear and another of couture jewelry in the eyes of divine beauty and diamonds. A recipe for eclectic perfection. Tiffany will be headlining a whole new customer base, one that might just start on the court. The grace of Tiffany meets the ambition of Nike to tease their new drop that draws customers from all over. These teases feature a Nike sneaker box in the “Tiffany Blue” with a pair of AF1s “1837s”. The shoes were dripping in black suede with the blue hue as the swoosh symbol and accents of sterling silver. A few days later, LeBron James stepped out in the Tiffany kicks while styling a matching Tiffany varsity letter jacket. Some other teases from social media show a whistle necklace and shoelaces in some spoiler advertisements. The collection is set to release March 7th.

These new diamonds or collaborations are building upon Tiffany’s strong foundation of class and quality while also furthering their own creativity. These collections showcase a new side to Tiffany and Co., one that showcases their classy aesthetic and remains true to their branding, while also enhancing their brand with a more modern take. 

Featured Image via Steven Meisel

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