The Revival of Leanne Marshall FW22

The Revival of Leanne Marshall FW22

On March 1, 2022, Leanne Marshall made an epic appearance on the Paris Runway to show their latest work after a long interruption of Covid placed a pause on production. The collection displayed various elaborate flowing gowns that trailed down the runway. 

This revival collection encompasses sustainable fashion constructed from hand-dyed and uncycled materials as a way to bring emphasis to how you can re-wear and innovatively intertwine garments.

The intricate tailoring and color palettes emphasize versatility in beauty no matter the age, gender, size, or shade. 

With fluidity in mind, the designer collaborated with the Indonesian beauty brand MS Glow as a way to kick off Women’s History Month. Both brands executed this vision by having diverse models walk down the runway, administered by an all-female-led team.

“The pandemic made me miss the runway, but I knew if I came back I wanted it to be something new, unexpected, celebrating life, and feminism. Paris felt like the right place at the right time. The partnership with MS Glow, a female-owned beauty brand, felt organic and like it honored the spirit of the collection. It felt good to be back,” said Marshall. 

MS Glow is a female-led brand that was launched back in 2013 and has done numbers while placing importance on empowering women through beauty and personal care. What better way to empower women than for them to work together!

About Leanne Marshall

Born in Yuba City, California Marshall kicked off the fashion game much earlier in her life. Unlike many other girls her age, she used her childhood to explore her curiosity with design through a variety of sketches and minimal fabric she had. 

By the time Marshall turned 18, she had the opportunity of receiving the Levi’s Dockers Scholarship. This allowed her to attend The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco for a year free. 

Post graduation, Marshall jumped more in-depth with design. The opportunity to compete on Season 5 of Project Runway set the tone for much of her career. With consistency and dedication, Marshall was able to reach the finals and win with her captivating collection. 

Currently, Leanne Marshall is based in New York City and is still further developing her brand. Her work is very notable for her ability to capture the appreciation of femininity in a sophisticated yet flowing way. 

Her distinctive touch on design is unlike no other. Marshall pays close attention to detail with hopes of emphasizing bridging the gap between timelessness and elegance. 

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