The Push For Sustainable Clothing

The Push For Sustainable Clothing

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Consumers have taken notice of the process in which fashion brands make their clothing. The rise of human emissions is noticeably changing the world. Therefore, companies have shifted their business models to incorporate reusable materials rather than, purely profit-driven capitalism.

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The clothing industry’s carbon footprint is growing, considering everyone needs clothing throughout their lives. Fast=fashion is becoming the new trend. However, current sustainability actions by fashion are being countered with a larger production volume. Actor and slow fashion advocate, Emma Watson, said, ” As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy”. Every time you buy something, you vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Watson and many others are starting to believe it starts with what you curate in your wardrobe.



Adidas is one of the most oversized clothing and athletic wear brands in the United States. During the pandemic, the brand took it upon itself to find innovative ways to save our environment. We are ultimately leading Adidas to aim towards only using polyester from 2024 onwards. Secondly, the decreased use of water. “We knew we wanted to build the lowest carbon footprint running shoe the industry has ever seen, ” says Sam Handy, vice president of design for Adidas Running. ” We set a goal of doing something never done and very extreme.”


Levi launched a campaign ‘Buy, Better, Wear Longer’ that features numerous celebrities. Levi’s goal is to influence consumers away from fast fashion and towards responsibility when shopping. Changing material to use more cottonized hemp and organic cotton, as well as action plans that save natural resources like water. Back in September of last year, Levi partnered with Ganni. The two developed an up-cycle vintage Levi’s and repurposed denim to ensure sustainability.

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