The Fabulous Fashion Guru Has Risen

The Fabulous Fashion Guru Has Risen

The 20-year old model and designer, MaryImaj is fearless and phenomenal as she works to create a new era of style and language with her high fashion brand of tote puffer bags and her latest “Chloe” shoe. The queen herself is not here to play, and plans to leave her mark for future generations to come!

Behind The Fashionista Herself

MaryImaj is a natural-born creator from Newark, New Jersey. Throughout her life, design has grown on her for the better and transformed her life in ways she couldn’t imagine. “Honestly, I didn’t know that fashion would end up being the love of my life,” Mary said. Yet, she attended college for Early Childhood Education, and fashion was her hobby.

During quarantine she took it upon herself to further in-depth explore her creative side. Her process all began from a sketchbook she purchased one day and from that point on she took off with massive ideas. 

She always sketches out potential concepts for tote bags. Then, she paints them and adds them to her fashion page called, “Closet Talks.” The strong devotion for tote bags inspired her to physically produce her first bag called, “Indigo.” Her followers on Twitter were completely obsessed with this creation. This one product set the tone for much of Mary’s success after.


“I started my brand for myself,” she said. The young designer got tired of buying items that didn’t catch her attention.

She has always been a puffer bag fanatic! It is no success that this style choice was her first bag. MaryImaj added, “Puffer anything is my fave and iconic. I wanted an icon piece and created my own.”

The Process

Much of her inspiration begins from exploration and eating to launch ideas on her iPad.

Mary is a perfect example of thinking less, performing from the heart always!

“I don’t sit down trying to think about what to create next. I live, and the slightest into such a red bow can spark something in me” she said. 

For Marylmaj, fashion serves as an outlet for her entire existence. It’s the one thing that allows her to feel complete in a world of chaos.

Why Does MaryImaj Do It?

In a world where there is constant competition, Mary hopes to open doors to restore unity in our culture today.

Although talent may be great, it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t use it to uplift others around us. 

“Nothing makes anyone “better than someone else,” she said. “People can also be inspired, without taking someone else’s work as their own. Come together as one instead of moving individually,” she said.

Mary is here to stay, she offers the world compassion, versatility, and curiosity. Her ability to never take no as an answer is one of the reasons why she will continue to be on top! 

“Go with your thoughts ALWAYS, and look inside yourself for inspiration,” she said.  

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