Sophia Dashing Has A Hit With “way i”

Sophia Dashing Has A Hit With “way i”

Sophia Dashing recently released her single “way i” this past December and it is a certified hit. The R&B/pop singer conveys her talent in the seductive track.

Dashing was productive throughout 2021, she released four singles however, “way i” is the standout track. The song speaks about Dashing expressing how she feels about a partner and being willing to take their relationship to the next stage. She channels this in her verse when she sings, “Telepathically been telling you how I feel for a minute, just waiting on you to get it, Got no time for patience need to know if it’s real so how you feeling?”

When talking about the track Dashing said, “The track, ‘way i’ is a song about wanting to take it to the next level with someone that you have caught feelings for. They’re showing you all the signs, but not making a move. A vibey, R&B/soul track for when you need to get in the mood, light candles, and lounge or simply connecting to the relatable, sensual message of desire and longing for more in a relationship.”

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The singer successfully made a track that sets the mood for couples to express their love for each other. Lyrics like, “Trust me cause you going enjoy the way I ride this” make her message very clear. This song will most certainly be in many listeners’ sex playlists. 

The seducing song is accompanied by a jaw-dropping music video. Dashing put her performing skills on full display with her terrific choreography with a male companion throughout the video. Her tantalizing moves make it onerous for viewers to look away.

Dashing is a singer that music fans should be looking out for in 2022. She is bound to blow up and shake up the music industry.

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