The Role Technology Plays In Fashion

The Role Technology Plays In Fashion

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Technology continues to pursue a gradually more significant role in the fashion industry. It is impacting brands and people through artificial intelligence algorithms that predict style trends. The most prominent factor technology has bestowed upon the fashion industry is artificial intelligence.

AI for Smart Styling? AI Usecases in the Fashion Industry | by Mindsync | | Medium
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Brands have been using big data in different regions to gather a census on popular fashion. The goal is to essentially enhance customers’ shopping experience, boost sales, forecast trends, and offer inventory-related guidance. However, most people fail to recognize how technology improves your customer experience and gives customization options to make your outfit unique to your preference. Artificial intelligence uses systems and algorithms to track customers’ journeys to match them with the right products. Brands can have a significant competitive advantage in helping customers compared to traditional methods with observation and data collecting from designers, trend spotters, and influencers.

Case study: UI design for an e-commerce clothing app | by Anushka Choudhary  | Bootcamp
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Mobile technology has been more beneficial than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People were encouraged to stay at home and defer from all public forums. However, brands did not hesitate to post on social media and advance their online shopping experience to still keep customers. A key factor in this process is the ability to have a mobile wallet on your smartphone. The process of shopping online has become easier and easier over the past decade, essentially to the point where it is a more comfortable norm for consistent shoppers.

How AR & VR Redefined the Online and In-store Experience
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Combining the physical and online worlds of retail has been one of virtual reality’s most exciting applications. The general population has mixed assumptions of positives and negatives surrounding VR, nevertheless, progression gives customers the chance to experience VR. Customers have the ability to virtually try on outfits from the comfort of their bedroom. Also, being able to know what you need or missing from your closet while shopping in a different space is remarkable.

OBSESS is a platform that provides brands and retailers to form and serve 3D, 360-degree shopping experiences on their websites, mobile apps, and social channels via a 3D Commerce Cloud.

The Top 10 Technology Trends In Retail: How Tech Will Transform Shopping In 2020
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The technology surrounding us in our environment will only improve, it will be interesting to view how customers and brands change their schemes to use it to their advantage.

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