Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

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This summer has brought out some cool fashion trends and mood boosting styles. After spending two summers in varying states of lockdown, people are excited to sport their best and trendiest outfits. This summer, we can expect many outfits with platform shoes, mini skirts, cutouts, and more. Many current trends of this summer have stemmed from the spring and summer 2022 designer runways that happened last September. All of these trends are fun and flattering, so it’s easy to want to give into them. Here is a guide for the best places to find the fashion trends of summer 2022.

Platform Shoes

Whether it’s platform heels, boots, sneakers, clogs, or sandals, platform shoes have been seen everywhere lately. Celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya have worn vibrant platform heels recently, and they are stunning to say the least. Platform shoes can instantly boost a person’s confidence by boosting their height. The added height that platform shoes provide can make anyone feel like a baddie on top of the world. They also provide a sturdy foundation to the shoe which makes them comfier and easier to walk in.

Platform shoes can be found in just about any store because of how popular they are. The platform heels from SHEIN (shown above) are simply chic and will add that extra punch to any outfit. They come in three different colors: black, white, and lilac. Furthermore, they are only $41, so you won’t have to spend all your money on them.

These platform sandals are super comfortable are versatile with all outfits. In addition, these platform sandals are only $25 at Nordstrom Rack. These sandals will dress up any outfit or you can wear them casually to the pool or beach. Overall, these sandals are a must for summer 2022.

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are seriously trending this summer with hemlines higher than ever. Mini skirts are perfect for summer because they let your legs breathe and aren’t constricting. In addition, they can be found in any color, print, and pattern. Furthermore, mini skirts are easy to accessorize as well. Cropped shirts always look great with a mini skirt, but a long button downs are also super cute with mini skirts. Mini skirts are easy to find in most stores and will never go out of style.

Urban Outfitters has a great selection of trendy mini skirts at affordable prices. This cute printed mesh mini skirt (shown above) is only $39 and can work for any occasion. Other great spots to find cute, cheap mini skirts include Madewell, Pacsun, and The Gap.


One year later and cutouts are still dominating the fashion scene. Cutouts add the perfect level of edginess to any outfit. In addition, they are perfect for summer with rising temperatures. Whether its on mini skirts, bodycon dresses, pants, and tops, you can find cutouts on everything.

Pretty Little Thing has the cutest cutout dresses, skirts, and skirts. This pink cutout dress is only $22 and all of the cutout items are just as affordable. Pretty Little Thing is the perfect place to find pieces that rock the cutout trend.


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