For Taipei Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 season, designers drew inspiration from the post pandemic era, highlighting their unique ability to translate local market needs into contemporary fashion designs.

be homme

The designer and owner of be homme, Rickie Chen feels be homme should be genderless, no size and season differences. “ I think clothes are very personal, they are like mementos, and shouldn’t be thrown away. And the SS23 show attempts to deliver a message that be homme clothes are not only consumable, they are garments that are wearable on daily basis.”

The SS23 debate show named “CV & Stylish”, which sticks to the expertise of the brand which is deconstruction and men’s wear of different fabrics mosaic. Rickie Chen says the word “be” is an auxiliary verb, which corresponds to his philosophy of growing and learning with people having a dream of fashion, and help them find their own path in fashion industry.


The concept of DOUCHANGLEE SS23 is ‘A Maze of Time’, which manifests an imagination of nature and diverse culture from the perspective of time. DOUCHANGLEE is a brand of a designer duo, Dou Teng-Huang, and Chang Lee, Yu-Ching.Elegance and grace is Dou, Teng-Huang’s preference, Chang Lee, Yu-Ching is good at creating a style with simplicity. The result is DOUCHANGLEE’s unique style of combining both sophisticated and modern.

Dou, Teng-Huang articulates that SS23 is a new beginning after pandemic and it is an extension of the concept of diversity and emotion of communication among human beings rom the previous seasons. Dou says “We have often used the element of contrast since we founded the brand, because we feel human beings are more diverse.” Chang Lee address that it is like adding an imagination of other cultures from the perspective of time, and we will discover many twists in this process. And mirror is a key element of the collection. Chang Lee, Yu –Ching extends this concept to a spiritual level, which is a self-reflection, an an exploration of your inner self.


oqLiq, a brand with both fashion and function, in the SS23 “Aura Protection” collection has the theme of Gang Chi (a personality of awe-inspiring of righteousness) to deliver a concept that function fashion clothes provides an invisible but existing protection. Functional clothing provides functions of water resistance, and moisture wicking, and they are always invisible. Ripstop is the fabric the brand uses heavily in this season. oqLiq combines ripstops with different patterns, such as plaids, herringbones, and twills, and make them a transparent camouflage. The brand manifests the invisible but existing gang chi with a subtle and discreet way. oqLiq attempts to draw interesting lines on a simple garment, and manifests the design detail in the meantime.


Since the Covid pandemic, many fashion brands have been facing difficulties of doing business. After many years of experience, designer Shen, Zi-Qin considers that a good product speaks for itself, and its word of mouth is from customers. She says “My job is to have everyone be able to afford each item of the show, besides doing an appealing fashion show. Moreover, people will feel good about the product, and think it has a good value. I think this is the authentic interpretation of sustainability.”
Seivson manages to maintain the silhouette and quality of each garment meanwhile control its budget to make their clothes affordable for all the potential their customers to serve the origin purpose of clothes.

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