SuKaz presents Fashion Film during London Fashion Week

SuKaz presents Fashion Film during London Fashion Week

Designer Susan Hollingsworth drops fifteen individually crafted statement pieces inspired by the interwoven threads of our lives dubbed The Threads Collection as part. The ready-to-buy collection released directly to Instagram with the London Fashion Week campaign video.The Threads release brings light, luxury and an escapist sparkle to a turbulent year and an uncertain winter. The collection represents the threads of life, of joy and laughter, as embodied by the maypole braid. It is in memory of Susan’s sister, Linda, who provided the inspiration and strength for releasing the collection.

Indonesian and Indian textile traditions are the key techniques that run through the Threads release. Block color silk lining, hand embroidery, precious stone buttons and colorful exteriors feature throughout the collection. The collection includes silk dupioni bases, khambadia patchwork embroidery, batik, Moroccan silk tassels, hand-forged buttons, scalloped lace edges… and a nod to the 60s with bell sleeves.


Sidestepping the create-push-sell churn, Susan designs on inspiration and releases to fit the mood of the times. Embracing a slow fashion approach, each jacket is completely unique requiring 100+ hours to create by hand and are created to last a lifetime. There is only ever one version of each Jacket. No duplication and no factory production.

The Threads Collection marks US-based SuKaz’s first London Fashion Week release. “I am so excited to launch my new collection during a time that the industry is approaching a fresh new future. It’s a time of pioneers” quips Susan Hollingsworth, designer of SuKaz.


“Sukaz jackets are the embodiment of fashion embracing the world. They beautifully weave ethnicities and cultures together through our common love of art and beauty,” Staci Henderson, Houston and California based entrepreneur and philanthropist. Staci also modeled in the SuKaz Points of Light Lockdown Fashion Show.

“Threads of my life – warp, weft in Your loom

Cloth slate, pliant folds you embrace

Each filament dream spun – faith, love and tears

Forged, gossamer steel, by Your grace”

– Threads: A poem by Susan Hollingsworth about The Threads Collection inspired by the memory of her sister Linda.

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