Suakoko Betty’s New Collection Celebrates African Design

Suakoko Betty’s New Collection Celebrates African Design


Womenswear brand Suakoko Betty launches their new collection in collaboration with Nigerian textile artists.  

The first of its kind, Suakoko Betty’s batik collection boasts hand-dyed prints crafted by African artists. Bursting with colorful vibrancy, each piece is its standalone work of art. The collection seamlessly introduces the bright, embroidered textiles of Africa to America’s blazers and flare pants. Signature statements like the Eshe Duster Batik, or the Mia Jumpsuit Batik, marry the contemporary and the traditional. 


The Mimi Blazer by Suakoko Betty, comes in different colors and prints (via Suakoko Betty’s Website)


Suakoko Betty is run by Charlene Dunbar. Born in Liberia, Dunbar is a child of the country’s civil war. She moved to Atlanta as a preteen and refugee, gracefully carrying the weight of Liberia’s culture and memories. In a video for “Black Your Story,” Dunbar describes the inability of her classmates to understand how she moved from Africa. “The kids would ask us questions like how did you get here? Did you swim over here?” she explains. Her inspiration to begin Suakoko Betty stemmed from that desire to change people’s perception of her home country. 

Merging lessons from her mother and Liberian church ladies with her own modern twist, Dunbar crafted Suakoko Betty’s style identity. The brand’s versatile colors and patterns are a loud celebration of African design. 

Suakoko Betty evaporates oceanic borders, and brings a slice of West Africa into Atlanta’s everyday neighborhoods. Dunbar’s incredible work has been recognized by both outlets and publications. With her collections featuring in Belk and “Essence” magazine respectively. 

An award-winning brand, Suakoko Betty is a must have for all women infatuated with bold design. If you’re looking to support Black-Owned businesses and African artists, Suakoko Betty is a home for both. Their collections are available online and in boutique stores across the Southeast. 

To shop Suakoko Betty’s new batik collection, check out their new arrivals and Instagram page for more.  

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