Style Influencer Malvika Sheth (@Stylebymalvika) Shares How To Style Blazers In The Summer

Style Influencer Malvika Sheth (@Stylebymalvika) Shares How To Style Blazers In The Summer

The sun is out and blazing, but that doesn’t mean blazers are beat this season. In fact, throwing on your favorite blazer has a few boons to it: you’re covered up, which means you don’t have to worry about sunburn, and too, most blazers are airy enough to keep sticky sweat off of you in the outdoors, while giving you a little warmth indoors when the air conditioning is on blast. 

I’ve found a few ways to play with seasonal trends while keeping it practical. Here are a few ways you can style blazers this summer!


  1. Layer with Lemon

If there’s one thing that any perfect summer entails, it’s a few cups of fresh squeezed lemonade–and here’s an outfit that’s totally reminiscent of that very fact. Lemon is a color I’ve enjoyed playing around with–on an extra sunny day, I tried to get as monochromatic as possible without going overboard. For this look, I tucked a pastel yellow colored camisole into light denim from Blank NYC Jeans, and threw on a lemon blazer from Hypeach to pull everything together. To accessorize, I added a pair of yellow half-moon earrings from Les Georgettes by Altesse. 


2. Sneak A Sports Bra Underneath


Summer is the best time to strike a balance between sporty and sophisticated. This is a super easy way to make sure your blazers don’t hide in the back of your closet until Fall, and works when you’re really lacking inspiration on what to wear. To me, pairing a sports bra with a blazer and some high-waisted bottoms is a no brainer. I mean, there are so many possible combinations you can strike!

In the above looks, I’m wearing a Skin Worldwide sports bra, and both blazers are actually vintage hand me-downs!

3. Short Sleeve Blazer with A Belt

If you told me a year ago to invest in a short sleeve blazer, I’d say you were crazy. For most of my life, I couldn’t understand how short sleeve blazers were useful at all. I mean–they weren’t formal enough for a business professional look, and weren’t casual enough for a day-to-day outfit. Luckily, I’ve just recently figured out the secret sauce to making these pieces look dressy: just button them up halfway, and add a belt to accentuate your waist! Bonus points if you’re able to slip a satin-finish skirt underneath–and even better if you use this as an opportunity to play with trendy color pairings. Bright blue and brown is a pairing I witnessed a lot of during Milan Fashion Week’s SS20 season. Being that SS20 is, well, now, I had to hop on the trend before it was too late. I’m wearing Tove and Libra on top, an H&M skirt, and a trusted Louis Vuitton belt to pull it all together. 


  1. A Play on Plain Pieces

For all that I say about summer and color, there is absolutely no reason for you to let your neutral-colored basics go to waste. As long as you’ve got your creative juices flowing, there’s always a fun way to make your plain pieces look a bit retro and experimental. Under a nude colored blazer from Bleusalt, I simply crisscrossed the straps of my favorite overalls so that they created a fun design underneath a plunging neckline. If you are recreating this look, the key to keeping the outfit in place is safety pins–you may have to safety pin the two straps together. Still, the cool part about this look is you really don’t have to wear any top underneath, and you can go braless, too, if you want! Especially if it’s a blazer made of warm material, you’ll want to keep it airy underneath. 


All in all, summer is the time to experiment, and rethink the traditional uses of the pieces you have in your wardrobe. Blazers traditionally have served a purpose in boardrooms and interviews, but this season, I’m here to tell you that they can be used for so much more. Whether you’re looking for an outfit that will help you instantly feel ready to conquer your day, or are otherwise just in need of something new, throwing on a blazer in one of these ways is sure to satisfy you and your style sensibilities.


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