Spring 2023 Ready-To-Wear Collina Strada

Spring 2023 Ready-To-Wear Collina Strada

Designer Hillary Taymour has made a splash with the Spring 2023 Ready-To-Wear Collina Strada Collection. The first model to step out onto the runway was wearing a rose sylk yellow and green dress with white lace and “Got milkweed?” glittered on the front. From the start, the show came out strong and powerful with a stand on sustainability and environmental activism. Her collection was really unique because of the playfulness and child-like features of the apparel, in collaboration with more elegant and mature tones.

Playful and Elegant

The collection mostly uses very earthy colours, especially green, drawing on the environment and sustainability aspect of the show. Flower patterns, fruits, vegan fur, colourful crochet, and flowing silk are all common designs that you can find throughout the collection. Plaid and rose sylk seem to be the most common material and pattern. Adding to the more playful childish tone of the collection, many models successful styled long braids that reached the floor and created a train behind them.

Signature Cargo Pants

There were several different styles of cargo pants at the show with so many different textures and patterns. These bright green cargo pants and off-white with pastel-colored ones really showed Hillary Taymour’s combination of elegance and playfulness. The off-white pants especially draw the views eye in. From a distance, they look dainty and elegant, but a closer view reveals their childlike playfulness and creative liberation.

Collina Strada X Melissa

On the runway, Collina Strada also collaborated with Melissa, an amazing shoe brand that uses recycled plastics. This collaboration really doubles down on both brands’ emphasis and value of sustainability and eco-friendliness. The Puff Sandal and Possession Sandal were the best and most stylish shoes on the runway.

Collina Strada X Upspun

Next, Collina Strada also did a collaboration with Upspun, a company that creates made-to-order denim. The collection has lots of denim styles that include subtle artistic designs and patterning. In short, this made-to-order denim is an incredible way to create body inclusivity and make prefect jean fits more accessible.

Featured Photo Source: Gorunway.com

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