Patrick Cupid: Luxury Designer Clothing Brand, today has announced “Li-li”, his new Spring – Summer collection 2023. “Li-li” broadens the brand’s philosophy concept of individuality by offering a new way for professionals to effortlessly transition between career and social events, without sacrificing personal style.

“Li-li is a bold, playfully feminine collection that speaks to the voice within,”  says Patrick Cupid.  “With the spring collection, we pay homage to Lilith, the first woman and Adam’s first wife, who was extremely independent, defining masculinity and femininity as equal.”

Patrick Cupid’s Spring – Summer 23 collection “Li-li” celebrates the power of femininity. Lilac is the signature color in homage to Lilith. Ruffle tiers and asymmetric cuts in soft cotton and silk are employed to create airy silhouettes that dance. 

In addition, Patrick Cupid introduces new abstract prints to interpret the world beyond Eden. The negative space within the print represents clarity of mind, while meandering forms and color depict free thought.

Through striking new prints and custom designed fabrics each season, Mr. Cupid produces a style that seamlessly shifts between place and purpose in response to the new reality of modern living.  Electric aqua and cloudy whites signify the tears that flow like rivers, the peacefulness of self-awareness, and remind us that the sky’s no limit. 

The Spring – Summer 2023 collection will be available to pre-order online in November 2022 and to purchase in retail stores starting January 2023.  Prices start at $600. 

The following high-end boutique stores will carry his luxury designs: CityGirl Atelier (San Francisco, CA), Felt (Chicago, IL), EJ On Thames (Newport, Rhode Island), Sandy Glam Boutique (Rhode Island), De-Essentia (Charlotte, N. C.), Shop Boutique (South Carolina), Affaire Estrangers (Paris, France), Wolf And Badger (London, Britain).

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