Black Owner of ‘CScrubs With Love-Whole Division,’ Lydia Nelson, Earns 3 Million In A Year

Lydia Nelson

Black Owner of ‘CScrubs With Love-Whole Division,’ Lydia Nelson, Earns 3 Million In A Year


by Bless Bull / February 22, 2021

Lydia Nelson is a wife, mother of two boys, and the owner of her thriving business, CScrubs With Love-Wholesale Division. Nelson started as an entrepreneur in 2010, and was a struggling C.N.A that made only $8.50 an hour. She realized that she lacked financially, so why not create and sell uniforms for the medical field. Nelson took a chance on herself and put her business into action. She stepped out on faith with just a couple hundred dollars to her name.

She called a local facility to sell  her scrubs and they sold out the same day. Lydia then knew she was able to quit her job and run her business full-time.Her main star is in Richmond, Virginia. From making only $8.50 an hour to six figures is something she could not pass by. Years later, she has landed over $2.4 million each year in sales. However, this was not the last from Lydia. Late 2017, she has over 400 retailers nationwide!

“A job will never make you rich it can only fulfill a passion,” words from Nelson.

There is a slogan that has been circling within the Black Community, “Support Black businesses!,” and this intelligent Black woman started a business when she did not have much to thrive on, but her commitment to having a successful business.  Her goal is to encourage others that no matter where you are or how much money you have, that you are more than an employee. You have light that is instilled inside of you that is ready to be revealed to the world.


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